Girls' Weekend in Utah

Five days after getting home from our trip to St. George, I turned around and headed back to Utah to meet my mom, grandma, aunts, and cousins for a day at the BYU Women's Conference.  It was a girls' only weekend ( plus a nursing Conrad, of course).  And oh, did we take advantage and have a lot of fun!  I love those ladies.  My cousins feel more like sisters, my aunts are just plain awesome, and Grandma makes me feel so loved.

I attended Women's Conference at BYU on Friday, skipping around the campus from class to class with my cousins.  We sat in an overflow during one class eating brownies.  Delicious!  So obviously, we took our learning very seriously.  As uplifting as the conference was, I couldn't help thinking how weird Mormon culture is.  I hope I'm not the only one who looks around and thinks, "Wow, this is corny!"

I was lucky enough to have my cousin, Devin, babysit Conrad during classes.  Conrad saw ducks and waterfalls and even took a couple of naps in his stroller.  He was so well taken care of.  I can't thank Devin enough for doing that for me!

On Friday evening, we all gathered at my Aunt Mari's house for food and swimming in her pool.  Conrad splashed and splashed.  He was our entertainment for the night, he loved the water so much.  One of my favorite parts about having a baby is watching him experience the world for the first time.

All of Saturday was spent shopping.  Literally.  My cousins live in teeny tiny towns in Arizona and they know how to shop til they drop.  So that's exactly what we did!  I was even fortunate enough to take my mom into Ulta to treat her a week early for Mother's Day.  It worked out well.

Grandma spoiled us with fresh fruit, giant salads, ice cream, and all the love and conversation she could muster.  She really is the salt of the earth and possesses so many qualities I hope to emulate.

Funny story though: Grandma is 80 years old and her heart is giving her fits.  Understandably, she lacks the energy she used to have.  When she showed me the room Conrad and I would be staying in, Grandma asked that I sleep on top of the bed and not in it because she didn't want to make the bed again.  "Grandma," I protested, "I can put fresh sheets on and make the bed.  I don't mind."  But Grandma insisted that I use one of the extra blankets she'd laid out instead.  Haha.  It wound up being so warm that I wouldn't have slept with the covers on anyway.

Three cheers for family and a girls' weekend getaway! 

^^The only photos I snapped all weekend, literally taken just minutes before I loaded Conrad in the car and drove home!^^
^^My mom met me at Shoshone Falls for a few minutes before driving the rest of the way home to Meridian, Idaho.  The falls was roaring!  It was so misty we were nearly soaked.^^

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