Mother's Day

^^My new favorite picture.  Three in the frame!^^

"I have been that mother—the really focused, engaged, loving mother who was all in, enjoying every speck of every second of motherhood. I have had days of basking in the moment and wanting it to last forever. I have been her, all of her. She is the woman I wish I was for my children at every moment.

But I have also been a mother who felt like I could not answer one more question, listen to anymore crying, clean up one more mess. A mother who has felt so tired I thought I would split in two. I have been all of her too, every bit of her." - Katie Smith

Happy Mother's Day to all the women in my life who love unconditionally!  Being a wife and mother are my greatest blessings and bring me so much joy.  I like who I have been stretched and grown to become because of this crazy bunch.  I feel pretty lucky.

Now excuse me while I squeeze these kids extra hard!

"Mom! I picked a pink flower because you LOVE pink!  And this picture right here is of you taking us fishing." The boys' enthusiasm for Mother's Day made me smile and feel so special yesterday.  I was showered with sweet hugs, homemade gifts, and a hundred "I love you's." Also, chanting that, "Dads are mean and Moms are nice!"  I'll take it!  Sometimes I just want to squeeze them, they're such awesome kids.

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