Sitting All By Himself and Other News

Always busy reaching for a toy and rolling halfway across the room, I thought Conrad would learn to scoot before he ever learned to sit up.  But suddenly, just like that one day, he's sitting up on his own!  He's growing like a weed right before my eyes.  My baby is getting so big.  He sat there on the grass until the water balloon popped all over his toes. Then Conrad toppled over screaming.  It scared him!  I scooped him up and laughed.  It was sooo funny!

In other news, my sister Lauren called last week to tell me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  When I missed both her and my mother's call within twenty minutes of each other, my heart sank; I knew something was wrong.  My heart breaks for Lauren.  She is 28 years old.  28!!!  She has three little children.  This can't be happening to her right now, can it?

She is my one and only sister and she lives far far away from me in Arizona.  I feel so helpless.  All I want to do is take some of that burden from her, but I can't even bring her a meal or babysit!  I also feel weirdly guilty.  Lauren's entire world has come to a crashing halt while my world continues to spin in normalcy: taking kids to t-ball, planning fun events for the weekend, exercising, the list goes on.  How do we talk now?  What might I say that would make her feel bad?

The unknown also feels scary.  While the statistics are in her favor, it's hard not to jump to the worst case scenario.  What if...?  I feel like things are going to be okay though.  Everything will be okay, no matter what happens; I trust Heavenly Father has a plan for her and her family.  It's going to be a summer of challenges and of tears.  But she's a fighter.  My sister may be younger than me but her maturity always floors me.  She has grit and a happy positive attitude.  She's also surrounded by a loving husband and family and friends there in Arizona.  She'll make it through to the other side of this with flying colors.  I know it.

In the mean time, we're praying hard for Lauren.  Levi seems to have a special knack for prayer and knows exactly what to ask for in pure innocent childlike faith.  I'll also be sending a care package and booking a flight to get my rear end down there some time this summer.  As much as I'm cautious about overstepping and perhaps causing more stress, Lauren is my sister and her business is pretty much my business, right?  I know I'd want her at my side if the tables were turned.  So Lauren, I'll either be there for you with a hug and some chocolate or be here for you, just a phone call away.  Love you.  Sending wishes for a smooth and swift recovery.                      

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  1. Lauren will be in my prayers as well as your whole family! One of my best friends from my ward just found out she has breast cancer too (27 years old and 3 little kids too). If Lauren needs someone to relate to i am sure Ali would be a great resource. Sending my love to you all!


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