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On Friday evening, after Levi graduated from preschool, Bron met all of his brothers for a night of camping at Castle Rocks with their families.  I graciously bowed out.  May is way too early in the year for me to go camping with a baby who already has a snotty cold and isn't sleeping well anyway.  But the boys had a blast roasting hot dogs and getting to sleep in a tent with Dad!  They can't stop talking about it.

I met everyone up at Castle Rocks the next day for the best part: rock climbing!  Even Flint and Merri Sue joined us.  We must have looked like a gypsy community with our combined 19 children and gear.  Haha.  But there were plenty of snacks, three ropes, and everyone got to climb who wanted to.  We adults chatted while the kids played among the rocks with warnings not to step on any cactus!  I'm not sure how many bathroom hikes to the outhouse I took the kids on, but the day went a hundred times smoother than I anticipated.  We all had a ton of fun together!  Even Merri Sue tried a route.  I'm so glad she did.  This climbing hobby has become a family affair.

Some pictures towards the end of the day:

^^We moved our chairs to this spot to watch everyone climb the last route.  I think only Kaleb truly climbed it.  It was a beast!  I pretty much just inched my way up the rock while the rope kept me suspended in the air.  Yeah.^^
^^I love this: a snoozing Conrad all cozied up in Grandpa's arms.^^
^^Amber conquering the last climb of the day.^^
^^My boys in front of one of my favorite Idaho scenes.  It's so pretty there!^^
^^Pinch me!  Waves of gratefulness wash over me from time to time.  Three boys just feels so good.^^
^^Sharing some muffins and orange juice in the parking lot before heading home.^^

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