Memorial Day Weekend on the Dairy

We spent most of our three day weekend out on the Nelson family dairy farm.  They just installed four robots to milk the cows.  It's an incredible new operation: the cows walk into the parlor and a robot cleans the teats and milks them.  (My favorite part is when the robot wipes its own eye!  Haha.  It just seems kinda funny.)  Then off the cows go to the barn or pasture to eat until their udders feel full and they wander into the parlor again.  24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It was fun to watch!

But as neat as technology is, some things never change.  Nothing beats a good old fashioned bike ride along dirt roads.  Conrad even got to visit the zoo for the first time this weekend!  Momma Nelson runs a regular bed and breakfast as all her sons and family rotate through her front door.  But I'm grateful for warm food and family conversation and that my boys get to play with their cousins.  So many good memories are being made on this farm, and whether she realizes it or not, Merri Sue is at the center.

^^Happy to be at the zoo!  Conrad's first experience seeing all the animals.^^
^^Conrad and Shannon.  Cousins two weeks apart.  As close to having twins without actually having them.  They're hilarious together.^^
^^The bike riding never stopped for these boys.  They even rode to the end of the lane before we left.  That's quite a trek for such small legs!^^
^^Conversations with a calf.^^
^^Grandma loving on Conrad, our smiley happy boy.^^

^^Determined to open that pickle jar.  This picture just makes me laugh.^^

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