24 Hours in Sun Valley

^^I didn't bring my camera or take a single phone picture all weekend, so these sweet daffodils from our front yard will have to do for this post.^^

On Friday afternoon, Bron and I left the big boys with a babysitter and escaped to Sun Valley for a quick--but very quiet--overnight getaway!  (With Conrad in tow, of course.)  I think Jed and Levi were as excited to get rid of us as we were of them.  Hehe.  Bron's company hosted a meeting there at the Sun Valley Inn for a number of dairymen and their wives.  I don't mind being social, so I was all over this trip.

The hotel was charming.  The meals were delicious!  I beat Bron bowling twice.  And while Bron and the dairymen sat in a meeting on Saturday morning, Conrad and I went back to our room for a little snooze.  When we woke up, we did a little shopping with the gift card J.D. Heiskell handed out.  I bought myself a new hat and a bunch of chocolate from the candy store.  And that's when I spotted the heated outdoor pool.  It was steaming in the mid-40 degree sunshine!  So Conrad and I donned our swimming suits and went for a little dip.

It was Conrad's very first pool experience.  He's a little fish!  He allowed me to hold him on his back with his ears completely submerged.  Conrad was all smiles.  He couldn't help giggling from all the one-on-one attention as I helped myself to his squishy exposed thighs.

Oh, it was blissful!  It's been a long time since I felt so relaxed.  There were no meals to prepare, no chores begging to be done, and no obnoxious children to listen to and reign in.  I was happy to be reunited with my boys Saturday evening, but I wouldn't have minded staying another night!

We topped the weekend off with LDS General Conference on Sunday.  If anything, that was definitely coming home for.  There were so many golden nuggets of spiritual upliftment and inspiration to do better and be better.

I wouldn't mind putting that weekend on repeat a couple of more times!

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