Conrad's First Solid Meal: Bittersweet Milestones

^^Grabbing the spoon.  Yumm!^^

I caught Conrad eyeing his big brother intently as he ate lunch one day not too long ago.  Conrad followed every bite of food from the plate to Levi's mouth.  It was hilarious.  And then one morning as I held Conrad on my lap, he dove face first for my kiwi.  He's definitely a third child because I gave him a taste right then and there.  He's since licked a salty chip, and tasted things like a banana, toast, and chocolate pudding.  Spoiled boy.

However, he ate his first official solid meal the evening of April 4th when I mixed up a tiny bowl (perhaps a little more than a tablespoon) of rice cereal.  Jed and Levi were eager to help out and served him his first few spoonfuls.  Conrad loved it!  He loved it so much he grabbed the spoon and tried licking his bib clean... or is that just what babies do when something gets close to their mouths?  Anyway, Conrad ambitiously slurped up every bite.  So much so, that I mixed up another small bowl!  I would have mixed up a third round but was afraid it would be too much for his small tummy to handle just yet.  Obviously, Conrad was more than ready to start eating real food.

All this growing up stuff feels so bittersweet.  My body has sustained his completely... until now.  It's nothing short of miraculous.  But now he needs something more than just milk as his body grows and matures.  It's good for him.  It's good for both of us, actually.  It means he's becoming less dependent on me as he slowly learns to do things for himself.  I had a similar thought just a few days ago when I realized Conrad no longer sleeps on my chest.  In fact, as I held him sleeping in my arms he suddenly rolled over and wanted to stretch out.  So I quickly and quietly placed him in his crib.  Conrad doesn't need me to help him sleep anymore.  Remember that brief phase when I co-slept with him in our bed just for my sanity?  It's simply a memory now.  There I was, worried that I was creating a bad habit.  Nope, just giving my little guy the love and comfort that he needed in that moment of time.  And here we are now, beginning another big leap of independence.

It kind of breaks my heart, just a little bit.  Conrad is most likely my last baby.  I never want to take a moment with him for granted.  I am sure I have and I am sure I will again, but I never want to.  I am trying to soak in every moment, every phase, every day of his babyhood.  Time needs to slow down because it's slipping by too fast!  I know there is so much ahead to look forward to, but being needed by someone so much just feels good.  It doesn't hurt that he's super cute!

Tonight I was working in the yard next to Jed.  He said something ordinary, but it took me by surprise.  It wasn't what he said.  It was the way he said it.  For a moment, the little boy beside me disappeared and I got a peek at a much older and mature young man.  Jed turns seven in just a few short weeks.  I remember much of his babyhood vividly.  I was eager for him to meet each new milestone.  So excited for him to eat his first bite of rice cereal.  We clapped wildly when he picked up a cheerio by himself for the first time.  We clapped even more wildly when he put two hands together and clapped!  It was so fun to experience the wonder of the world through his eyes.  And now here he is, growing taller and smarter by the second.  He can read and write, build gigantic forts, ride a bike, and impress me with his thoughtfulness.  Jed is growing up too.

Isn't it ironic? I create my boys, fall head-over-heels madly in love with them, and then spend every waking moment ultimately preparing them for a life away from me.  I just hope my boys feel how much I love each one of them because I've never known so much joy or contentment on this crazy ride called motherhood.

 ^^I let Jed and Levi gently spoon feed Conrad his first few bites of rice cereal.  It was an exciting family event!^^

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  1. Rice cereal is such a big step. I remember having to feed Lewie rice cereal at four months because the milk simply wasn't sustaining him anymore; he needed more. Yes, motherhood is so bittersweet. It's so difficult to watch our boys grow up and become independent, and yet, this is what we must do if we want them to succeed. Ugh!


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