Delay of Game in the City

^^Brotherhood is soaking up the sun like a pair of lizards.^^

Though winter seems she does not want to relinquish her hold on the earth, we're so excited that the sun is ultimately winning the battle this Spring because warmer weather means rock climbing!  Saturday, we met Kaleb and Chantee in the City of Rocks for just such an adventure.  Talon and Amber and their crew of cousins joined us too.  We happened to find one of the tallest sport climbing routes in the park open!  Down inside the canyon, the wind was partially blocked and the sun's rays reflected off the rock wall warming us all up.  So we set up our day camp, taking turns climbing the wall and simply enjoying one another's company while the kids explored and climbed and ate all the snacks.  

It was a successful trip to the city... except for the part where I accidentally sunburned Conrad's cheeks; it was so cold it didn't even occur to me to put sunscreen on him til afterwards!  And then Levi fell off a boulder and screamed in pain; he sprained his ankle and couldn't even walk to the truck.  Finally, Conrad threw up the entire contents of his stomach on to me.  I was soaked clear through my underwear.  In fact, that rancid milk got all over the front seat of the truck too. Bron still can't get it all entirely out of his fancy air conditioned leather seat.  Pee-yew!  The latter two things all happened around 6:00PM, so needless to say, I was ready to call it a day.  Life with kids.  You win some, you lose more.  Or at least it feels like that some days.  Haha.

Pictures from our day:      

^^Helping Dad read his guide book.^^
^^Bron lead climbing Delay of Game.  I'll admit, the height was kind of freaky, especially with all that wind at the top!  I'm sure proud of Bron for leading it.  But parents, please don't worry: we're being as safe as we can possibly be.^^
^^A snooze in the sunshine.  I wanted to join him it looked so cozy!  But this is exactly when his little cheeks burned.  I wanted to cry I felt so, so bad!^^
^^Happy boys in their element.  I sure hope we can teach them that these outdoor experiences are way cooler than any video game.^^
^^Hey, Levi, I can see your underwear!  Scooting along the granite tears holes in the kids' jeans.^^
^^Sticky messy boy with a stick for a gun.^^
^^I can't help myself.  I love taking pictures of my sleeping babies whenever I get the chance!  Notice those red cheeks. *Insert crying emoji.*^^
^^My niece, Madalyn.  I can't stop laughing at this photo!^^
^^Aunt Chantee with chunky Shannon^^
^^Cousins two weeks apart.^^
^^That tiny purple dot on the wall is Amber slaying it.^^
^^City of Rocks, you're beautiful place.^^

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