The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 5 Months

Is it possible to enjoy a baby too much because I just can't stop!  Isn't he just squishably cute?!?  I can't get enough and absolutely don't want him to grow up, though he's sprouting right under my nose.  This month has been a huge month of milestones and growth for Conrad: he learned to roll over and started eating solid food!  Having a baby around the house makes things so much busier, but I wouldn't trade all the smiles and my full happy heart for anything.  I'm so proud of my baby.  Conrad, I love you to the moon and back and over and over again.  You're a perfect fit for our family and I already can't imagine our lives without you.

Some details about life with Conrad at 5 Months:

:: Conrad is a pretty chill and happy baby--especially if his mama is near.  I love how I'm the one person who can fix anything in his little world.  He's definitely attached.  Once, I came home from a workout to a whiny baby, but his face suddenly lit up as soon as he saw mine.  Aww.  Way to make me feel like a million bucks.  Conrad is generallly full of smiles and occasionally protests his car seat and being put down, but for the most part is just happy to be here along for the ride.  

As for a schedule?  Ha!  We have no schedule!  Poor kid might have one by now if we actually stayed home all afternoon or in the evenings, but between two older kids and church activities, that's simply impossible.  Thank goodness he's so easy-going.

:: With the change of weather from winter to spring, Conrad has developed some eczema all over his tiny body.  The good news is that it's created a daily routine that we both love.  I sing as I apply his lotion and massage it into his teeny arms and squishy thighs.  He smiles and coos and eventually errupts into laughter as I play and tickle him.  It's seriously one of the best moments of the day!

:: Baby boy enjoys rough housing.  Conrad laughs out loud when I blow bubbles on his neck.  His thighs and back are extra ticklish.  He enjoys being gently bounced on the couch.  And he gives me sloppy kisses as we make faces in front of the mirror.  Babies are sooo much fun to play with!

:: Conrad rolled over for the first time on March 25th!  I left him in the living room happily playing beneath the toys of his play gym when I suddenly heard some angry cries.  He had rolled over and was mad about it because he prefers to be on his back.  The scenario has repeated itself multiple times.  Then, just in the last week, he suddenly flipped from his stomach to his back!  Woohoo!  We officially have a roller.

:: Just a few days shy of five months, on April 4th, we officially introduced rice cereal.  So far, he's a fan!  I let Jed and Levi gently spoon feed Conrad his first few bites of cereal.  It was an exciting family event!

:: Baby Conrad admires his big brothers and his big brothers love him back.  He watches them intently and soaks up any attention they so lovingly bestow on him.  Jed has been especially good with Conrad, bringing him a toy when he's acting fussy on the floor, giving him sweet hugs, and just talking with him.

Levi, on the other hand, had a big lesson to learn this month.  He and Conrad were playing happily on the floor when Conrad suddenly got a grip on Levi's curly hair.  Unfortunately, Levi's natural reflex was to punch his baby brother, right in the head.  I wasn't as angry as I was near tears for my baby!  For three days afterwards, Conrad would cry every time Levi came near.  They've since forgiven each other and we haven't had an incident since.   

:: I find myself retreating to Conrad's room to nurse him during the day.  He's easily distracted by all the noise and action his brothers make throughout the house.  Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoy those quiet moments as I hold my baby close; they mean the world to me.  Conrad's little hands have gotten busy as he nurses though, holding on to my hand or my shirt or sticking straight up in the air.  I'm soaking in this stage.

:: Conrad sleeps spread eagle.  Give that boy all the space!  When I lay him down in his crib, Conrad often brings his arms up to his face, tosses his head from side to side a few times, and then suddenly relaxes as he drops his short arms straight out to his sides, like an airplane. Haha. He still sleeps well at night.

:: Baby boy is beginning to nap in longer stretches!  He's evolved from 30 minute cat naps to one long 90 minute nap accompanied by 2-3 cat naps.  The long naps are still hit or miss, but I love that I can occasionally get something done from start to finish in one sweep.  He can nap anywhere, but seems to sleep well in the Rock 'n Play that he's quickly outgrowing.

^^I call these, Lounging Toes.^^


  1. Oh my goodness...Conrad is sooo adorable! How could you not fall in love with that smile or those giggles. I'm so happy for you Jessie. Conrad sounds like one fun, easy-going baby, and just the perfect complement to your loving family. Happy Easter!

  2. He is adorable! He sounds like such a sweet baby.

  3. Jessie! He is so delicious! I love him.


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