Little Boys VS Vikings and 5 Things We Did Over Spring Break

^^Spring weather basically equates to Summer in Levi's mind. I'm just lucky I got him to put on a sweater! This same scene was covered in snow just a few weeks ago. Now look at all that green sprouting up. Yessss!^^

I was so thrilled for Spring Break to arrive for a few reasons.  Primarily, once it's over, it's a whirlwind and school is out for summer!  So yeah, the school year is basically done.  Allllmost.  Secondly, the week before break was just absolutely crazy.  Either the kids had something going on or I had to be at a church function to play my violin every single night that week.  I was tired!  Spring break marked the end of wrestling season too.  The kids' activities are over until T-ball starts at the end of May (except ukulele lessons, of course).  I am welcoming the breather.  Above all though, I was really looking forward to sleeping in with the baby all week.  Bliss!

However, on the other hand, I was anxious for Spring Break to arrive for one very specific reason: Jed and Levi would be in the same vicinity for a week!  The most accurate way to describe their relationship right now is best frien-emeies.  They play rough and they fight violently.  The two boys constantly antagonize each other.  Their play usually starts with laughter, evolves into arguing, and then ends with scratching and punches to the face.  The face!  All in a matter of 30 seconds or less.  Am I raising children or vikings?  I'm erring on the side of vikings because consequences don't seem to phase them.  Bron or I can be sitting in the room with them when one boy punches the other in the head right in front of us!

They also never quit talking.  It is constant chatter.  I mean, they talk their way straight through dinner and chew maybe half a bite.  And though I'm a seasoned mom and can tune out a lot of it, I still feel like I can never finish a complete thought.  What was I going to do next?  I can't remember.

"Mom, I'm Boba Fett.  I'm Boba Fett, okay Mom?  Mom, I'm Boba Fett!"

"Okay!"  There are so many things they say expecting a response that really deserves none (I'm trying to ignore you child so I can finish my thought) but in actuality, Levi doesn't take a breath long enough for me to insert one.

When I do manage to get a few words in, those words usually fall on deaf ears.  "Please don't stand so close to the microwave, Jed.  It's been acting up and I don't want you to accidentally get zapped."


WHY?  I just told you why!  All. Day. Long.

So in other words, there's lots of talking around here but communication isn't our strongest point.   

Last week I thought I was losing my mind!  However, my lack of sanity was pleasantly validated when Bron started losing his mind after spending just the weekend with us.  Hahaha.

The incessant noise and chaos is exhausting and stressful.  Fortunately, after talking to several moms of boys, they all claim the same thing: this is normal.  Did you hear that?  Hallelujah, my kids are normal!  All the fighting and rough housing and chaos and chatter and clutter and destruction is all a part of raising boys.  Somehow, just knowing that has me relaxing a bit.  It's all right.  My house might not be standing fifteen years from now, but there's still a high probability that my boys will turn out to be kind contributing members of society after all.  Whew.


Obviously, we survived Spring Break.  We even managed to have a lot of fun!
Here are 5 things we did:

1.  First order of business, an afternoon hike with friends at Indian Springs on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

^^Levi and Abram.  Best buddies.^^
^^Sassy three year old Addy.  Can't help but love this little girl!^^
^^That lip!  Fast asleep.  I'm enjoying these last few months snuggled up together in the wrap to their fullest.^^
^^I know I'm his mother, but Conrad is just so stinkin' cute!^^
^^I love this picture.  Even the dog is excited about Spring Break!^^
^^I can't get enough of this little guy's gummy smiles.  Sixteen and half pounds of daily sunshine and delight.^^

2.  I took all three little boys to the movie theater to see the Lego Batman Movie.  I thought it was clever and funny.  We're all fans.

3.  We spent a few days at Grandma Nelson's home.  While there, we drove up to Hamer to meet my 11 day old nephew, Flint, for the first time!  Such a sweet little ball of goodness with the cutest profile.  Congratulations Garret and Nichole!

You guys, posing newborns is like setting a mousetrap; I don't enjoy it nor do I have much natural talent for it. But lifestyle? Oh, documenting a newborn snuggled in his mama's arms feels like my jam. I want to do more!

4.  Garret was able to give us a tour of Nichole's family's sheep farm right smack dab in the middle of lambing season!  There were literally thousands of lambs.  I wanted to scoop up every single one and just cuddle it.  They were sooo sweet and cute!  I also learned quite a bit, like how there is one black sheep for every hundred.  It makes for easy counting for the shepherd.

5.  Mama Nelson and I shopped til we dropped on Friday afternoon.  We toured home decor stores and even managed to pick me up an amazing new dress.  It's nursing friendly AND covers all my mommy curves well.  Naturally, I walked into the Carter's store and bought coordinating shirts for all three little boys.  Now we're all ready for family pictures... two months early.  But hey, you can't fault a girl for being prepared.  We had a blast!
^^Awww.  Aren't lambs sweet?  They practically beg to be cuddled!^^
^^Jed is an animal lover.  He's so gentle with them.^^

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  1. I'm with you... life is crazy. We may not have punching at our house but some days there is plenty of screaming and drama. And yes! Kids needing to repeat the same phrase over and over until I acknowledge it drives me bonkers. But spring break- it's the best! You're right, once it comes the school year will quickly disappear and summer will be here. Hallelujah!


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