Hello Spring!

Goodbye Winter!  Hello Spring!!!  The snow has finally melted and it's suddenly warm enough to venture outside wearing just a sweater.  We've been enjoying every sunny minute.

The warmer weather means that all the snow from our very long winter is finally melting.  We had this grand idea to see how Shoshone Falls was looking last Saturday afternoon.  Apparently, so did all of Idaho and their dog.  Literally.  Haha.  I've never seen the park so busy.  But everyone was kind and patient as we all ooohed and aaaahed over the powerful spectacle.  Shoshone Falls usually runs at about 3,000 cubic feet of water per second.  On Saturday, it was running around 16,000 cubic feet of water per second and is expected to run over 20,000 cfs in the near future.  Wow.  Just wow.  It was incredible.  And as an added bonus we got to see some pretty rainbows rising from the mist!  How lucky are we to live so close to some nature's most extraordinary attractions?! 
^^My boys walking along the trail.  How are they getting so BIG and TALL already?!^^
^^Family picture staring into the sun!^^
^^I couldn't help myself.  These are just some of those awful/funny childhood pictures that every kid deserves.^^
^^Rad man snoozing in the wrap.  (It got pretty loose walking around.)  He pretty much missed the whole thing!^^

After admiring the falls, we made our way up to Dierkes to meet some friends and climb Kid Rock.  First climb of the 2017 season!  The kids had a blast just running around playing and scaling rocks on their own.  Jed even needed a little rescue when his shoe got stuck!  It was a much needed afternoon in the fresh air.  I'm looking forward to many more afternoons like this.  Bring on Spring!  

^^Chillin' on a blanket in the sunshine.  Conrad has life figured out... except for the teething thing.  He hasn't been his normal happy self.  Poor baby was cranky over the weekend.^^
^^Addy can always conjure up a smile though!^^
^^Those expressive eyebrows!  So serious.  Haha.  Getting some lovin' from Amy.^^
^^Levi giving us some attitude before hitting the rock.^^
^^Ollie with Conrad.  That baby is so so loved.^^

Thanks Mother Nature for turning on the sunshine.  See you again soon, Dierkes!

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  1. Yes! Bring on spring! I love how adventurous your family is.... you get out and DO stuff. :)


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