Night Ninjas

I call this photo Ninjas Eating Breakfast because even ninjas need fuel to fight the bad guys.  As for me, I'm still taking my daily vitamins (like these Honest Prenatals) to keep up with my crime fighting ninjas.

A few nights ago, I groggily made my way to Conrad's room to quietly rock and nurse him back to sleep.  I had just climbed back into my own warm bed and drifted off to sleep when I was awoken suddenly to a door slamming!  Nothing quite like a loud crash to jolt a person awake.  It made my heart race!

Levi has always been my worst sleeper.  Fortunately, he's independent enough to put himself back to bed and only comes to our bedside when he's had a bad dream.  That night, Levi woke up to use the bathroom and slammed his door shut.  Needless to say, I had a hard time falling back to sleep, and when I did, I didn't sleep very well.

So the next morning, I told Levi all about my ninja ears and how they can hear EVERYTHING.  Can any other moms out there relate?  When getting up in the night to nurse a baby, it seems like my ears become acutely hyper-aware.  I'm like a bat.  Anyway, I told him he needed to work on his sneaky ninja skills.  Levi tied a long sleeved shirt around his head and I showed him how to turn the door knob ever so gently so that the latch wouldn't click.  And then I lost him while changing the baby's diaper (By the way, I'm in love with Honest diapers not only because of the cute prints but because they fit well and are quality.  Seriously.  Love them!) only to have him jump out from behind the bedroom curtains and scare me!  Haha.

It's been three silent nights.  Ninja skills complete.

This moment in motherhood brought to you by the Honest Company.  If you're interested, check out some of their winter diapers in this review

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