Jed's First Day of Kindergarten

^^All ready for his very first day of kindergarten!  Isn't he a stud?^^

Is this what five is?  Acting so big and yet looking so small?  Last week I sat down with a pounding headache.  I watched Jed from the couch as he tenderly poured me a glass of water, his head just barely taller than the counter.  He was acting four times his age and yet he was still so short!  I am often blown away by just how thoughtful and caring this kid can be.  He teaches me Christlike kindness nearly every day... and he knows exactly how to take care of his mama too.  Today, as the kids eagerly lined up outside their classroom door looking so innocent and cute, Jed blew me a sweet kiss.  It made my aching heart happy.  Jed is so ready for kindergarten.  He's ready for this next step.

Jed loves school and was excited to go back.  So excited in fact, that he couldn't fall asleep till well after 10PM last night.  I'm grateful now that he went to preschool last year, otherwise I'd be a hot mess today.  He knows the routine.  I know the routine.  We met his new teacher last week and he smiled and waved at half the other kids and the school staff.  They all know Jed's name.  Plus, Jed gets to ride the bus with four other kindergartners whom all live on our street.  That's how neighborhood legends begin, right?  It's all good.

This growing up business just feels very bittersweet for this mama.

 ^^Swinging on the playground before the bell rang^^
 ^^All lined up and ready to start!  They all have no idea what's coming.  Haha.^^
Brennan, Jed, Ally, Piper, and Lorren
^^Five little kindergartners living on the same street.  They even have their own bus stop!^^


  1. Congratulations on your little guy's first day of school. What a milestone (for him AND you). :) My little guy started kindergarten three weeks ago - it is amazing how much he has grown in three short weeks. Many blessings for a great school year for your family!

  2. Happy first day of kindergarten Jed! I just love that he lives next to four other kiddos the same age. It looks like the start of a fun year of school. (Lewie started first grade yesterday too. I plan to post sometime this week.) Jed sounds like an incredibly smart, sweet, and caring little boy--just like his mama!

  3. I remember when I first met Jed when he was just 10 months old. Where did the time go? Sheesh! How long is his day? How many kindergartners in his class? This is a really big milestone for both of you!

  4. Oh Jed, what a sweet boy!! I can't believe he's already in kindergarten! Where does the time go?!

  5. I hope Jed is loving kindergarten!
    He, and his little group of friends, are adorable! :) :)

  6. aww.. so sweet.. my little guy starts kindergarten in a few days too.. but no school bus yet.. he is going to a private kindergarten.. we'll hit the big bus milestone when he goes to first grade!!

  7. I have missed a lot! Hope Jed is loving Kindergarten! Did he go from half to full day? I know those first few weeks last year Cullen was SO pooped after that 8-3 day. Glad he went off with no problems.

    2. Love the fair photos! And I am with you on the tough parenting stuff. Lately Bennett has been asking me constantly to go buy a new toy..even if he just got a little treat at a store or out with my mom, he is obsessed with always having something new. I feel like we don't get them stuff all the time, but maybe I just need to say no more? Or watch my own impulse buying? Or blame commercials? Parenting is no joke!

    3. What a special hike for all of you adults kids to do for MerriBeth. She must have been on top of the world emotionally too!


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