Friday Night Family Fun at the Fair

Labor Day weekend means Fair Weekend!  We haven't missed a year yet and I don't ever plan on it.  Yes, the fair is hot and dirty and crowded with people, but there's an atmosphere there that I just can't help but love.  So we loaded the kids up into the car on Friday afternoon to have ourselves a good time.  The boys sat on vintage tractors, explored the 4H barns--where Levi tried to hand feed every cow we encountered--were fascinated by the giant train set, and rode the mechanical bull!  It was all fun and games up until we ended the evening with little people tantrums.  Jed would not quit whiiiining about how he needed a prize or how he wanted to have even more fun.  Ungrateful booger.  The whole ordeal left me wondering what I am doing wrong as a parent?!  Perhaps we go and do and play too much?  Maybe I should say 'no' a lot more often?  Or maybe it's simply a miserable part of teaching and raising kids?  I'm not entirely sure.  BUT I do know that I'd do it all over again next year.  Yup, I love the fair.  And I've got pictures to prove that despite the end-of-night-meltdown, it was totally a ton of fun!     

^^"The cow's horns are thisss BIG"!^^
^^Trying to feed a heifer some straw.  Haha.^^
^^Pretending to feed Grandpa's cows^^
^^Jed and these goats were just too much!  Little goat whisperer.^^
^^Yeehaw!  Ride 'em cowboys!  Jed and Levi were all smiles and so proud.^^


  1. You look so good, Jessie! I can't wait for the fair to come here next month. It's always my favorite too. I love the picture of Jed with the goats. And don't worry, I think it's just part of growing up thinking you're "entitled" then growing up and realizing you're not. You're an awesome mom!

  2. Haha! Ungrateful booger.... I feel that way about my girls sometimes too. I agree, I think it's a lesson to learn while growing up.


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