The Nelsons Take On Table Rock

Table Rock:
A strenuous day hike approximately 10 miles round-trip with 4300 feet elevation gain. The summit point is 11,106 feet above sea level and offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding areas just 2.5 miles west of the Grand Teton.

^^Nice photo bomb, Bron!  Haha^^
^^The entire Nelson crew: 
Me, Bron, Amber, Talon, Nichole, Garret, Call, Chantee (girlfriend), Kaleb, Tyrel, Merri Sue, and Flint.^^
 ^^Cue Queen: "We are the Champions... of the world!"^^

This man, I love him.  There is no one else with whom I'd rather do life.  We got ahead of the group on our hike, so we sat down to eat our lunch together and wait.  We rested our backs against a big rock and immediately commenced talking and laughing like a pair of kids.  Yeah, I'm glad we still got it.

^^The whole group at the top of the world!^^
^^Lovebirds.  The flat rock behind them is Table Rock.^^

Table Rock has been on my to-do list for quite a while now.  I'm so happy we finally got to do it last Monday!  Momma Nelson was determined to show us what the hike was all about so she planned a trip months ago, and miraculously, all six Nelson boys showed up to make it happen!  No kids allowed, just adults.  And it was so much fun!  We walked and talked and cracked witty one-liners the entire afternoon, all the while encouraging our dear mother up the mountain.  The trail is no joke!  We took the North Trail on our way up (longer but less steep) and the Face Trail back down.  At the bottom I happened to find a sign at the trail head that said, "Trail not maintained.  Very steep.  Not recommended."  Hahaha.  Joke is apparently on us.  My quads are still sore and tight from that descent.

But no matter.  We made it to the top!  It was blustery and freezing cold.  However, the view was unmatched.  The Tetons were larger than life!  So yes, it was totally worth it.  (Though if I'm being completely honest, I think I'd recommend going over Hurricane Pass instead; it's prettier.  That legendary adventure with those pictures are coming soooon!) 

And then... we topped the evening off with a warm dinner in Victor, ID.  Yum!  I could have eaten three helpings of those french fries.

Thanks for planning a wonderful family adventure, Merri Sue!  You rocked it.  Our hike is already going down as a day I think we will all remember and talk and laugh about for a very long time.     

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  1. I want to go on an adventure with you! We should meet up in Colorado or Montana someday!


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