Bass Lake: Our Summer Paradise

I can't let summer officially slip by without dedicating a whole post to our favorite little oasis: Bass Lake.  We've played in the blue-green waters there nearly one to two times every week!  We sure took advantage of the country club membership Bron's work provides.  The boys love it.  I love it.  There's green grass and big shade trees, lounge chairs, soft sand that's grated daily, and a little restaurant where I ordered more than my fair share of delicious fish tacos.  Yum!  And let's talk about that view of the Snake River Canyon and Perrine Bridge--it really is kind of a dream.

Jed and Levi became quite the pair of fishies this summer.  (P.S. I loved those water wings!  So cute and yet they helped the boys balance and keep afloat really well.)  They zoomed down the slide and splashed into the water.  Jed's funny entry put a smile on my face every single time.  The boys also enjoyed flinging their colored "squids" (toys) into the water and jumping in after them.  On extra sunny days we'd swim out to the big dock together, jump into the water, and then warm ourselves like a bunch seals on the hot planks.  Those moments made me feel like a kid again alongside my own kids.  Smiles all around. 

But I think I speak for all three of us when I say our favorite activity, by far, were the paddle boards.  My two little lake urchins and I would roam the open lake together.  Then the boys would "accidentally" fall in.  Haha!  Jed would sometimes even hold onto the back of the board and kick as he pretended to be my motor.  He wasn't a very reliable motor though. :)   

Sometimes, when the weather was windy or cool, we made sand castles and dug motes in the sand.  Once we even made Jed a pair of Optimus Prime legs!  And Jed caught his very first fish just last week!  His secret?  Hot dogs.  The fish at Bass Lake love to nibble on hot dogs.  Some of the other kids there shared their hook and bait with Jed one day and he caught a fish.  It was one of the most exciting moments of Jed's life, I think.  So stinkin' cute. 

Jed would so often exclaim, "This is the best day, ever!"  And I'd have to agree.  It was another really good day; one of those moments that made me happy from the inside out.  I sure do love my precious two little boys.  I feel lucky I got to soak in so much time with them this summer--one on each hand.  We've had a ton of fun and made so many great memories that I'll cherish forever.  Motherhood has its highs and lows, but when it's high, it's like realllly high. 

Enjoy a smathering of Instagram photos!


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  2. I can't wait to come experience your lake tomorrow! We are looking forward to spending time with you all! Jed and Levi are so cute! I'm glad you are soaking up all the good memories with them. You are a great mom, Jessie!

  3. You seem like such a fun, adventurous family! I love it. And of course, I always love your photos. Gorgeous.

  4. That lake looks so fun! So nice you were able to get away and play there so often.


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