The Last Week of Summer in Photos

Adventures in the backyard, at Bass Lake, and in the South Hills.
(Note: Grumpy attitudes and tantrums not included.)

^^Captain America's stunt double^^
^^This is happening!  Bron (+ help from a few friends) are putting together a new play set in the backyard.  It is going to be MONSTROUS.  And totally awesome.  I can't wait till it's all done!
P.S. The sunsets this week have been phenomenal.
^^These two have such wild imaginations. And endless energy. While Bron and I work building their new playhouse, Jed and Levi play around us in the yard. They climb up trees, tie strange knots in a long piece of thin rope, and have an entire dialogue going at the same time. It's entertaining just watching them.^^
^^Levi dunking his head under water and blowing bubbles all by himself!  Fearless kid.  On our last two trips to the lake, both Jed and Levi decided they didn't need floaties in the shallow end anymore.  A little scary for me but liberating for them!^^
^^Dinner at Bass Lake: mini corn dogs and a side of sidewinders (fries).^^
^^Warming up^^
^^Our favorite little girlfriend, Addy.^^
^^I can't get enough of Jed's water entries.  They're so cute and funny!  I give him 9.9 points out of 10.  Ha!^^
^^Addy making friends with the lifeguards^^
^^Back float?  Sorta.  Haha.^^
^^Bass Lake is so beautiful!  I'm really going to miss this little piece of paradise.^^
^^Snoozing baby Daniel^^
^^What happens when I ask Jed if I can take his picture.  I often have to be sneaky instead and just capture the moment.^^
^^Yup!  That's a naked Levi.  Free as a jay bird.^^
^^I love this picture.  The colors, his hair, his tiny muscles... the fact that he's naked...all childhood.^^
^^Dirty hands in dappled light!^^
 ^^This picture of our neighbor, two year old Ryan, makes me laugh.  Alll boy.  Just look at that swagger, the two giant rocks, and dirt down to his toes.^^ 

I can't believe it.  Okay, I can.  School starts tomorrow!  It's been a long busy summer, full of life and living and adventure.  In some ways I'm ready to have a regular schedule again.  (I know my house will appreciate a regular cleaning again. Haha.)  I know the boys are ready.  There was one day this week when they insisted on staying home to just chill and play with Legos. It made me feel like I was wasting a beautiful summer day--one of their last--and it brought me to tears.  So silly.  I was cornered into scrubbing the toilet instead.  :)  But we did make the most of our last week of summer by hitting up two of our favorite summer spots with friends to play.  Bron made fun of me.  He said most moms were busy preparing for the school year while I was busy playing instead.  I say summer memories trump back-to-school shopping!  However, I remind myself that Fall is equally busy and beautiful, so we're destined to continue to enjoy the outdoors.

If there's one thing I've learned this summer, it is to appreciate and notice the here and now.  I have no control over tomorrow or what will happen.  I'm trying to let that illusion go because life is happening NOW and therefore there is no better moment than the one I am currently living.  I would LOVE to add a third child to our family and sometimes thinking about my miscarriage four months ago still makes me a little sad, but not being pregnant or caring for a new baby has actually been a big blessing to me this summer.  I've been able to do so much!  Bron and I conquered Pierre's Hole and spent four days backpacking through some of the prettiest country God ever created.

But most importantly, I had plenty of energy to spend gobs of quality one-on-one time with Jed and Levi.  They're my two little buddies, one on each hand.  Did you know that I don't use a diaper bag anymore?  Both boys are potty trained and eat real food and put on their own shoes.  We leave the house in five minutes flat--often with nothing but a wallet, cell phone, and water bottle.  Freedom!  And yet, Jed and Levi still want me and need me.  It makes me feel so good to be their favorite girl.  Just barely learning independent tasks, they're still so very little.  It's been the perfect combination for a fun-filled summer on the go!  I cherish them and our time together so very much.  My boys--all three of them--make my world go round.

Goodbye, Summer!                


  1. Glad you went with your heart and played hard! Looks like you have had a wonderful summer, chuck full of awesomeness! Here's to a great school year too!

  2. These are dreamy gorgeous. I want to come visit next summer.

  3. Living in the present is my current challenge. It's too easy to worry about what hasn't happened yet. Glad you were able to embrace that this summer. You sure did accomplish a lot! I loved seeing all of your adventures.

  4. I always love looking at your pictures, they are such eye candy to me. I especially like the one of Levi's little bum on the bridge!

  5. You take such amazing photos.....It is so beautiful there. What a great place to grow up!

  6. Gotta love boys! Those pictures are amazing. There's so many fun little places where you live. The boys will be talking about their childhood adventures their whole life! I'm jealous of your non diaper life. I'll let you come visit and change diapers so you can get your fix ;)


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