Cowboys and Indians: Levi's 3rd Birthday Party

This year was Levi's golden birthday: he turned three years old on August the third!  I kind of wanted to do something a little extra special for him, but without too much hassle because we were headed out of town.  Suddenly, the idea of a Cowboy-Indian party sounded like just the ticket.  After all, we already had the teepee!  So after spending a few minutes on Pinterest, a trip to a couple of stores, and an hour or so of hot gluing feathers to ribbon and felt, we were ready to party!

We invited all the neighbor friends we could think of and their families over to help us celebrate Monday evening.  Upon arrival, we let the kids play dress-up -- though most everyone came already dressed to the nines in their cowboy boots and hats.  (We live in Idaho!  Of course everyone owns some cowboy gear.)  The kids had a blast adding bandanas and mustaches to their cowboy outfits, but I think the feather headdresses and "war paint" were hands-down the favorite accessories.  I had picked up water guns and arrows (finger rockets) at the dollar store, so the kids happily went to battle there in the backyard chasing and shooting each other with loud war whoops and rebel yells.  Yeehaw!

^^Bron and his girl Addy.  Addy LOVES Bron.  It's such a sweet and charming relationship those two have going on.^^
^^There's just something I love about a good black and white picture.  I mean, look at how he's holding that water gun.  Alll boy!^^
^^Chief Mama (with my corn rows--totally in theme!) and my little Indian Brave^^

Then it was time for a scavenger hunt to find buried gold!  Bron and a friend helped me hide eight different hints around our property that had the kids running like a herd of buffalo from the front to the back and around to the front again.  The last hint was tricky.  As all the other kids ran to the sand box, I quietly directed the birthday boy over to the pile of dirt in the driveway.  It didn't take long for him and a few other little kids to dig up the coins!

Excited and sweaty, it was time to blow out a few candles and eat chocolate s'mores cupcakes!  Levi knew just what to do.  Mmmm... I have to admit, the cupcakes tasted a lot better than they look here on the blog and were actually pretty simple to make!  I doubled the batch and made 52 cupcakes.  Whoa.  Yay for leftover dessert!  Finally, it was time to open presents!  Our friends are so very generous and Levi is officially spoiled rotten.

^^I love finding these two brothers playing together.^^

Everyone continued to play until dusk.  I think the party was a hit!  At least I feel like it was a success.  Levi was actually feeling under the weather all day long, but was so excited for his party that he didn't let it show too much.  Poor kid.  He went to bed before everyone left and I wound up staying up with him half the night.  That's no way to kick off age three!

So here's to feeling better soon and a giant thank you to all our awesome friends who came to celebrate one of my life's biggest blessings: Levi!

Happy 3rd Birthday Levi!!!  We love you so very much and don't know what we'd do without you in our family. 


  1. Those cupcakes look so delicious. In fact, i thought you had gotten them from a bakery. Great job on such a creative birthday party. I think summer birthdays are wonderful because you can do practically anything outdoors. He makes such a cute little Indian. wish we could have been there.

  2. Happy Happy 3rd Birthday, Levi!!! You are a ray of sunshine. We love you!

  3. What a perfect party! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  4. What a fun themed party! I love it. The cupcakes look awesome. I seriously thought you had paid someone to make them!

  5. bummer I hope he is feeling better now! But what a fabulous party. I just love that idea, and not overly complicated.

  6. What a fun party! Those cupcakes look amazing...


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