Golden Birthday Boy: Three on the Third

Dear Levi,

Happy golden birthday!  You are three years old today.  The first moment I held you in my arms just seconds after your birth, I drank in your newness, your soft round cheeks, and precious little spirit.  I knew I loved you unconditionally, but I had no idea just how much wild happiness you would bring into our lives!

Levi, you seem to have it all: looks, charisma, smarts, and athleticism.  Your golden curls stop ladies in their tracks wherever we go; they all swoon.  Everyone seems to comment on just how cute you are!  And you know exactly how to use those looks accompanied by those sweet toddler cheeks to your advantage.  Levi, you have mastered the pouty lips and big round eyes pose.  "Please?" you sweetly beg at the checkout stand for a piece of candy.  "Oh, just let the boy have it," an elderly lady behind us vouches for you.  I laugh and tell her that she just fell for your act, but I have to admit, I've been there too.  I've been manipulated by you at least a thousand times and I don't even care.  Levi, I have fallen hard for you.  This mommy-son love has me hopelessly wrapped around your tiny pinky finger.

Levi, you seem to be much older than just barely turning three.  I've actually thought of you as being three years old all summer long because you act and talk just like all your friends who are a few months ahead.  I blame it on having a big brother.  You've admired Jed from the day you were born and have been trying to keep up with him ever since.  I mean, you're already riding a two wheeler with the balance of an experienced pro!  You are also extremely articulate, Levi.  You tell us everything that is on your mind and more!  It's like a looking-glass into your world... and it's often hilariously funny.  I can see you listening, watching, and repeating.  We've been reading books that are meant for kids much older and you comprehend almost everything.  Wow!  You also love to sing along to every lullaby with me at bed time--with Wolfie and Penguin tucked under your arms, of course.  It is the sweetest thing.  Those savory moments make the crummy hard parts of motherhood melt away in an instant. 

If I were to make a prediction, I'd say we are going to go broke at the grocery store when you're a teenager.  You sure love food, Levi, and have become a bottomless pit.  You especially love candy.  I've caught you red-handed numerous times standing tip-toe on the top bar of the stool in the pantry reaching for the candy bowl.  I'd place the sugary goodness up higher, but I suspect you'd just climb higher!

Despite your angelic features and charisma, you do have some human faults though.  You are extremely stubborn and have a short temper.  You antagonize your brother all day long.  Your ideas of resolving conflict involve acts of violence such as hitting and biting.  But I have to admit, you know how to hold your own.  I'm counting on that to help you out in the long run.  I just hope and pray I can direct that stubbornness to stand for truth and a righteous moral compass.

I love you sooo very much, Levi.  I love all the fun and smiles and energy that you bring into our home every single day.  I love the feel of your little fingers entwined with mine as we walk together down the street.  There is so much personality just bursting at the seams inside your little body.  I can't wait to see where this year takes us.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Levi!

Love always,


Chubby and cute at 3 Months Old


  1. Dang these hormones. I am crying! You are such a good writer, Jessie. You need to write a book. Levi's personality just beams from him. I wish I lived closer to witness him grow! Your boys are so special and I love them so much!

  2. Such a sweet letter:). That picture of him is hilarious. Happy Birthday to Levi!

  3. Happy third birthday Levi! I'm still amazed that he can ride a two-wheeler all by himself! You sure have one special little boy. He will grow up to be wonderful because he has one WONDERFUL family :)

  4. He is a beautiful little boy, but what I find even more amazing is just how incredibly bright he is....Happy Birthday Little Man!


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