Our Epic Grand Teton Backpacking Adventure: Part II

Part I: Days 1 and 2 

Little did we know on our third day of hiking that the best views of all were just ahead.  A couple hours of elevation gain led us to Hurricane Pass.  What incredible views awaited us at the top!  The majestic Teton Peaks were as big as life!  We stopped to take it all in.

After lunch, we started down Cascade Canyon.  Never in our lives had we seen such heavenly scenery.  Looking around, it felt like we were living in the pages of a storybook.  The greenery, the flowers, the rocks, the countless waterfalls, plus the fact that we were walking with gravity... it all culminated into a natural high that left us feeling as happy as pigs in a mud puddle. 

^^Group picture!^^
^^This picture of the Grand Teton is blown up and framed on my wall at home.^^
^^Classic rooky mistake: brand new hiking shoes on a very looong backpacking trip.  In fact, I think we all bought new shoes because we all needed something more durable.  My pinky toes turned into giant blisters as well as other parts of my feet.  Ouch!  Thank heaven Aaron brought his Chacos and has feet not too much bigger than mine.  Life saver.^^
^^The waterfalls we saw seemed numberless.  I listened to one run all night long.  All that water running non-stop for weeks on end.  Mother nature is amazing!^^
^^Yes, for reals!^^
^^We camped under the watchful eye of Mount Owen inside Cascade Canyon.^^
 ^^First thing in the morning.  Bron was still as snug as a caterpillar in a cocoon in that hammock!^^

On the hike down the last day, we all dreamed of ice cream and burgers and all real food that had not been freeze-dried.  Aaron even figured out he'd been wearing a contact in one eye plus glasses the entire time!  Despite being a bit sunburned and sore from head to toe, all four of us declared we'd hike the 33 miles all over again.  We came and we conquered!  The incredible views, peace and serenity, plus genuine good company made our backpacking trip one to remember for a lifetime.  It was truly an incredible summer adventure!

^^View of Jenny's Lake from the ferry boat.  Relief for our sore feet!^^
^^Just plain happy.^^


  1. This pictures are just WOW. I mean, really, really WOW. It is absolutely breathtaking. How far is it from your house? I think you and Bron lead an amazing, adventurous life. I'm so glad you are able to do all these things. It makes me want to go visit you again.

  2. Wow! What an incredible adventure! How does one come to learn about a 33 mile hiking trail (and make sure you stay on the path)?! This certainly must have been an experience of a lifetime.


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