Water Babies

We've been melting in this 100 degree heat wave!  So this afternoon--after picking up the entire house!--we ventured outside into the backyard for a little water balloon fight.  Fortunately, I had control of the hose, so I totally won.  Hehe.  I must've said something because the boys suddenly began calling their water balloons "babies".  I couldn't help laughing out loud as they talked while I filled the balloons.

"Grow, baby, grow!"
"Grow lots of babies, Mom!"
"Jed, I squished your baby!" 

Oh, how I wish I could put that hour on replay.  Good times with a couple of the world's cutest goofballs.  Never grow up, okay kids? 

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  1. I've been dying in this 100 degree weather and craving an afternoon in the sprinklers! My dog is scared of the sprinklers though... I so wish I had kids who would enjoy it with me :)


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