Currently: Summer is Here!

^^Levi likes to eat slices of watermelon as big as his head.  He's such a sticky hot mess!^^

Soaking in // Summer!!!  Summer is officially here and I am really enjoying not having to get Jed to school each day.  It's so liberating!  There just seems to be so much more time.  The weather is warm and beautiful.  We spend all of our extra time outside.  And the boys are happy!  (Until someone won't share and then Levi's way of solving conflict is with screaming and hitting.  Oh, my!)  I'm looking forward to all the fun summer has in store for us!

Listening to // The following conversation on repeat.

Levi:  Mama?  I really sad.
Me:  Why are you sad?
Levi:  I really really really miss someone.
Me:  Oh?  Who do you miss?
Levi:  Alli and Kyle (the neighbor kids across the street)
Me:  It's okay.  We'll see them again tomorrow.

Seriously, every day.  Sometimes Levi says he misses somebody else, but it's usually Alli and Kyle.  Best buds!

Reading //  The numbers on my new Garmin Vivofit2.  I bought a Garmin so Bron and I could be "friends" on the same online platform.  Ha!  But really, it's so much more than that.  Way back when Bron and I were first married I used the old Nike Plus on my runs.  I loved seeing my time and pace; it made exercise a game.  And here it is again!  I'm wearing a fitness game on my wrist.  I love seeing how many steps I've taken and how it automatically increases my step goals.  I also love how I can start a workout on my watch without having to touch the app on my phone.  It tracks my sleep at night and beeps at me when I've been sitting for too long during the day.  And surprisingly, the data I love seeing most is the time!  Haha.  Why didn't I wear a watch before?!?  Duh!

Also, side note, while we're talking about fitness: I am so proud of Jed!  He's been riding his bike 3 whole miles.  That means I can plop Levi in the jogging stroller and go for a three mile run!  This is brand new territory in mommy-and-me exercise and I am loving it.  Gotta hand it to Jed and his tough little legs.  Go, Jed!

Feeling good about // The sticker charts I made for the kids.  One day we went to Target and Jed begged and begged for a new Lego set.  I told him he could earn one by doing chores for me.  The sticker chart works like a charm!  Whenever I ask the kids to come help me unload the dishwasher or such matter, I simply add, "You'll get a sticker!" and they both eagerly come running.  (I think I'm turning into my Grandma?!?)  I was surprised at actually how helpful Jed was at cleaning the bathroom the other day.  Wow, he is growing up.  So here's to a clean(er) home this summer!  And new Legos!

Thinking about //  My photography business model and all the things I need to do to be successful and legitimate.  It all started when I posted a couple photos in a private Facebook group dedicated to Southern Idaho photographers.  The response was that I am not charging enough for the work I do... but it did feel really gratifying to be validated by my peers!  The online conversation eventually led to a group meet-up last Wednesday at a local restaurant.  I sat in a room full of professionals who seemed to be deep wells of knowledge and experience.  It was a little intimidating!  And at the same time, it felt like a comradery.  I came away from the meeting with my head swimming: insurances, taxes, the "right" way to charge and deliver pictures, product, training, liability, etc.  I learned so much!  And I'm ready to get on the ball and make a few changes.  However, I do I wish I could see five years into the future.  I wonder if Rock Creek Photography will continue to pick up speed or if it'll fizzle out?

^^Throwing rocks into the creek.  After that got old, the kids started making boats from celery.  I knew celery was good for something: arts and crafts!  Hahaha.^^  

The Weekend //  On Saturday morning Bron took me up to Harrington for a bike ride.  We're training for a big mountain biking race in August.  It was a grueling and technical 3.5 miles straight up.  But that also means it was an absolute 3.5 mile downhill blast all the way back.  Woohoo!  Totally worth it!

Saturday evening we invited three family friends over for a barbeque.  Bron finally got to use the pheasant he brought home from hunting in Nebraska last Fall.  He made pepper poppers: peppers with cream cheese, a bite of pheasant wrapped in bacon, and baked in the oven.  Yum!  Oh, and Amy brought chocolate dipped strawberries.  My tastebuds were overloaded with goodness.  I happily indulged in BOTH delectables.  Of course!  After dinner, we all sat out in the front courtyard as a summer storm blew in to cool us off and the kids played.  A delicious and relaxing evening.

Sunday everyone was feeling a bit under-the-weather with some nasty colds, but we didn't let that stop us from heading up into the South Hills after church to enjoy a little exploration in nature. That's my favorite kind of rejuvenation for the week.  Thanks for the invite, Horsleys!        


  1. great pictures.. pictures of kids eating watermelon slices is always so cute.. and i love his curls

  2. I love summer and am loving that it's here! Sounds like you're off to a great start! Your trip to CA sounds like it was a blast too.

  3. Summer sounds heavenly in your neck of the woods!! I'm kind of dreading the next few months here in AZ!! I keep wishing for winter (Arizona winter, because that's obviously not real winter) ha ha!!
    Okay, you are SO talented! I would definitely pay top dollar to have you photograph us! (Also, I miss your photos on IG :( They always brightened my feed!)

  4. I love your life. Sometimes I get jealous of all the adventures you have and wish we lived closer! Also, I think the more effort you put into your photography business, the more you'll get out of it. If you want it go get it!

  5. those pictures of the creek are gorgeous! Idaho is truly beautiful.

  6. You're business is going to do great! Photography is your passion, so you've found the right calling. (The best part of all is that you can use your passion again and again by taking some fabulous pictures of your family too!) I see a fabulous photography business in your future--hands down!

    Oh, and those sticker charts work great! We use them around our house to do homework, read books, practice handwriting, etc. etc. My son is always requesting LEGOS (especially the Mindcraft ones...)


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