Life Lately in 10 Short Takes

How is it that we're almost through June already?  Summer is flying by at lightning speed.  I can barely keep up!  And my house is a testament to that.  I actually had to plan to stay home today to catch up on cleaning the kitchen and doing the laundry.  The funny thing is that it usually drives me bonkers when my kitchen looks like a grenade exploded in it, but we've been so busy playing outside and running errands that I don't have time to stare at the mess, so therefore it doesn't bother me. I sure wish that were true come January!  Ha!

So let's catch up on what we've been up to around here:

1.  One Friday night Bron and I got to go kayaking on a double date with some friends.  You guys, I LIVE for the warm weather and being out on the water.  It just makes me feel alive.  We explored the Snake River Canyon a bit--paddling up an inlet a ways through some cattails--and admired the many small waterfalls cascading down the canyon's tall rock walls.  Bron even climbed to the top of some waterfalls!  Seriously, this place we live in is so underrated.  The many gems of Idaho are a well-kept secret!

2.  One Monday morning a good friend from college who is like a sister to Bron and his brothers called me to say she was getting married.... on Saturday!  She asked if I would be her photographer.  Um, okay!  I'd love to!  So we all went to the wedding and had a good time.  It was so fun to see her so happy!

Then the next day the extended Nelson family all got together to welcome Kaleb home from his mission.  After church we were up to our eyeballs in delicious food to eat (I'll take TWO helpings of cake please, AND a cookie) and so many relatives and friends that I couldn't possibly get around to chatting with everyone.  But we did manage to get an updated Nelson family picture.  It was a really good weekend.

3.  Coloring with crayons on the front patio has become Jed's new favorite habit.

4.  Bron and I like to sit in the backyard sipping on ice cold lemonade while we watch the boys run through the sprinklers on hot evenings.

5.  I think God made perennials just for me. I LOVE flowers but I have a black thumb. (Gardening? What's that?) So the fact that my yard is chuck full of pretty blooms every summer is nothing short of a miracle and makes me very very happy.  Grow little beauties, grow!

6.  Trips to Bass Lake!  Now that we are hoity-toity country club members through Bron's work, we have the privilege of using the club's dreamy lake and beach.  The water is a crystal clear blue-green and the sand is raked everyday.  It. Is. So. Amazing!  I could live there.  The boys beg to come back every time we leave.  And of course, I happily oblige.

The only catch is that there seems to be something biting the kids in the water.  The club says it's swimmer's itch, but our local pharmacist thinks it could be something else.  Either way, the kids came home last week covered in red bumps.  They look like they have chicken pox!  Fortunately, the boys didn't seem too miserable and with a little benadryl and cream (Doctor's orders) their bites are healing up.  I hope that whatever it is in the water clears up soon so we can go back to play!

7.  One day I managed to reach a personal record of steps on my Vivofit2 thanks to a five mile run in the morning followed by a mountain bike ride with my adventurous friend Shelly, and a photo shoot in the evening.  Whew!  It was a beautiful and full day.  I was pooped by 9PM.  (Okay, who am I kidding?  I'm pooped by 9PM most days!)

8.  Wanna know the quickest way to get motivated about washing all the sheets at once in the house... in the middle of the night?  Have a sick toddler.  After Levi threw up twice, I brought him to bed with me because Bron was out of town.  It often seems to be that when Bron is gone is when I need him most.  I stayed up all night with Levi rubbing his little warm back and helping him throw up in the bowl I brought to bed.  Poor kid.  I felt so bad for him.  Though I was sleep deprived and had to cancel a photo session, I should have felt resentful, but I actually didn't... because I am a mother and this is what I was made to do!  Levi is totally worth it.      

9.  One of the most endearing things about my boys right now is how they enjoy picking me dandelions and wildflowers. Such sweet boys. It makes my mama heart burst.  I don't ever want them to grow up; I cherish being the only woman in their life!  A family hike and picnic in the South Hills for the win!

10.  Finally, we celebrated Father's Day by baking Bron a batch of his favorite chocolate-peanut butter cookies.  Yum!  We feel so lucky to call this hardworking, adventure seeking, loyal, and loving man ours for forever.  We love him lots and lots!  

And that folks is our life lately in a nutshell.  Happy Summer!


  1. Summer is zipping past! I can't believe next weekend is the 4th of July. Where did June go? I think that's just the nature of summer, so much to do everyday that the days just dissolve. Looks like your little clan is having fun (minus the throwing up)!

  2. Okay the vision of my husband and I someday sipping lemonade while watching the kids play in the sprinklers is just too perfect. Looks like life lately has been pretty great for you guys! (Minus the sickness of course :(

  3. The picture of Levi eating watermelon has to be one of my favorite pictures of him! And his shirt goes perfectly with it!!! I'm so glad y'all are having a nice summer!


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