Two Year Old on a Two Wheeler

Yesterday, at a whopping age of two years and ten months, Levi learned how to ride a two wheeler.  It took him literally three seconds to figure it out.  Bron and I were so floored, all we could do was watch and laugh!  Really, all we've done is encourage him to ride.  He did the rest all on his own. 

Levi is the classic poster child for strider bikes.  He started riding his yellow strider when he was about eighteen months old, barely big enough to sit on the seat and still touch the floor!  But itty bitty kids are exactly whom the bikes are made for.  It didn't take long before Levi was picking up his feet and cruising--across the tile at home, around the driveway, in the street.  It was hilariously cute to watch!

I knew he was ready for a real bike.  He's BEEN ready!  So we borrowed a Barbie pink twelve inch bike from our neighbor and attached some training wheels so that Levi could learn to pedal.  I worked with him just once and from there he seemed to get the gist of the motion.  Over the last month or so he's jumped from the pink bike to his yellow bike and back again.

Then yesterday I simply asked Levi if he was ready to remove his training wheels.  He enthusiastically answered with a big fat, "Yes!"  Bron removed the training wheels, gave Levi a gentle push, and our toddler has been riding circles around us ever since.  He's FAST too!

My goodness, we're so proud of this amazing kid.  You guys, Levi is not even fully potty-trained and he's riding a bike!!!  And not just riding, but self-correcting himself, going down hills, and making hard turns like a seasoned pro.  If you ever find yourself on the fence about purchasing a strider, don't hesitate.  You won't regret it!

We love you, Levi!  You are energetic and coordinated and funny and caring and wild and sweet.  You bring us an immeasurable amount of happiness and make us smile every single day.  My heart strings can't stand it.  Hang in there, Buddy.  We'll get you a "new" bike in a more gender appropriate color soon.  Until then, you're totally rocking the pink bike like no other kid can!       
 ^^Riding all over our cul-de-sac just minutes after getting his training wheels removed.^^

We enjoyed a family bike ride/walk-run together in the evening sun last night.  We stopped at "the bridge" to let the little boys throw in some rocks while the farmer's goats watched from afar.  What a dream life we get to live!  It is really so beautiful in every way. 


  1. Mia is obsessed with bikes and wants one SO bad! I think we've both heard enough good things about the Strider bike to get one, but this just sold me on it! We are probably waiting until her birthday or Christmas (both in December) to give it to her though, or maybe as a reward for potty training, haven't decided yet (although it doesn't look like potty training will be happening before her birthday anyway, hahaha) Do you think 3 is too late for the strider and we should just do a bike with training wheels?!

  2. This is just the post I needed! We have been deciding whether or not to get Mack a strider so I am so glad you suggested it! He will love it (although we don't have hardly any pavement for him to ride on...downside) Anyways, GO LEVI!

  3. I think that is so awesome! I picked up a little twelve inch bike for Keira for $5 a few weeks back. She was so excited to ride it. We've tried a couple times but she doesn't get the mechanics of pedaling yet. I wish those strider bikes weren't so expensive, though looks like it may be worth the investment!

  4. So so crazy!!! I believe I whined like a little baby when mom took my training wheels off at age 5 haha! Love that wild kid!

  5. Congratulations Levi! This little kid definitely has bike riding in his blood. I bet you're already starting to plan your family bike riding trips... LOVE IT!

  6. wow... that is awesome.. i need to get my almost 5 year old off his training wheels soon.


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