Kickin' Off Summer in California: Dinghy Day

Let's keep reliving our wonderful trip!

After our busy day at Sea World, we met up with my dad (AKA Commander.  He's a retired Navy Officer.) for dinner at Pizza Nova (Mmmm... I could totally go for some of that right now!) and to tour his 70 foot "mega yacht" moored in San Diego bay.  Now before you get too excited about this yacht, there's something you need to know: it is a project.  A true project.  But my dad has been building and remodeling cars and airplanes and boats since before I could even walk.  With all that practice, his DIY skills are off the chart and I have to say he has some amazing ideas and tastes.  I really can't wait to see the transformation of this huge boat!  Even better, I can't believe we'll all be lucky enough to go along on some sea-faring adventures in a few years!  The lady bow riders will be back again!  Or perhaps we'll just be replaced by our male minis.  Haha.  (Miss you, Lauren!)

Anyway, in the mean time, my dad does have an 18 foot dinghy (that will eventually live on the big boat) that he enjoys sharing with friends and family--and two crazy canine pets.  The boys were excited to go on a boat ride, especially Levi.  A few months ago, Levi told me he wanted to go sailing, so naturally I told him that Commander had a boat we could all ride in on the ocean!  Levi never forgot.  His enthusiasm is quite contagious!

We spent our Friday afternoon cruising Newport Beach Bay.  We saw a few Sea Lions, explored a few caves, and played on some beaches.  Levi even brought back some sticky tar on the bottoms of his feet.  (Whew!  That was sure an exercise getting that off his skin and parts of the boat.)  To me, there's no better feeling than being out on the water with the salty air in my face.  It was a really fun afternoon.  Thanks, Dad!

Note: All pictures courtesy of the good 'ol GoPro... because it has a waterproof case.   

^^John Wayne's old boat turned into a harbor cruiser.^^
^^Jed learned to drive!  Watch out everyone!^^
^^The homes along the harbor are incredible.  Bron, may we please have one?  Hahaha.  Dream on!^^

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  1. There's nothing quite like being on a boat. (My dad loved fishing, and I inherited his bass boat--it's older than me!) From the looks of those little faces, I can tell your kiddos had a blast!


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