Monthly Photography Challenge: Color Collage

This month, Lauren challenged us to put together a Color Collage.  Basically all we needed to do was pick a color, take some pictures, and combine them all together.  Obviously, I picked the color yellow.  It's one of my personal favorites because it's such a happy color!  I initially thought it would be tough to find yellow objects to photograph, but I soon saw that yellow is everywhere!  I could totally do this kind of challenge over and over again.  It was fun!

Also of note, several of these pictures were taken with my brand new Canon 500D close up lens; it's like a filter that I attach to my 85mm lens.  I bought it instead of spending a boat load of money on a real macro lens (because it doesn't benefit my business at the moment) and I am loving the ability to get little details! It's perfect for flowers, food, toys, and faces close-up.  I would definitely recommend it!   


  1. What gorgeous pictures. I love the items you decided to photograph too, like the dandelion and the little LEGO man! Yellow is a favorite color around here too. It reminds me of our "I Spy.." adventures on the road..."I spy with my little eye something yellow..." We most always guess the sun or the lines on the road...

  2. Fun pictures! Yellow is such a happy color!

  3. Love these photos and the color scheme. Definitely checking out that close-up lens, it looks awesome!


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