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My heart has felt troubled since the ruling last Friday making homosexual marriages legal.  I've been torn on how to respond--if even to respond at all.  I am happy that people everywhere are feeling less discriminated against; we should all have equal access to jobs, taxes, health insurance, etc.  Even so, the Supreme Court's decision still doesn't sit right with me.  There is so much I could say and want to say on complicated social and political matters, but as I tucked my little boys into bed last night and listened to Levi sing along to a children's hymn with me, my heart was comforted.  And so I'll leave you with this:

Life is hard.  Life is messy.  We all mistakes.  And we all don't fit into a proverbial box.  But we are ALL children of our Heavenly Father with a divine purpose and mission.  The gospel of Jesus Christ transcends every hurt, every injustice, every sickness, and every sin.  We need Him.  And we need each other--to teach, to serve, to lift one another up--so that each and every one of us can return to live with our Heavenly Father again.  There is hope.  There is peace.  There is happiness.

I believe that families are eternal.  I believe that families are the fundamental unit of society and that children need both a mother and a father.  I think this ruling affects the way society defines marriage and family and involves a movement towards centralized federal power and the gradual end of my first amendment rights of speech and religion as a conservative Christian.  Just because my opinion is rooted in religion does not make it a second class opinion.

I can only imagine how confusing and overwhelming growing up in this tumultuous instant-informational world will be for my children.  It is my fervent hope and prayer that I can rise to the responsibility God entrusted to me as their mother to help them.  I want to leave this world having added some good to it and I believe my children will be a huge part of that.  No matter what the world is saying outside, within the hallowed walls of our home I will do my best to teach my children the unwavering doctrine of Jesus Christ.  I hope as Jed and Levi grow, they develop a healthy moral compass and boldly stand for truth.

And rest assured, gay or straight, I will love those two little boys whom belong to me unconditionally.


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  1. Yes, God intended families to made up of a father and a mother. This really hit me a couple of weeks ago as I sat down with Hailey to discuss the basics of a baby's growth and development along with what happens at birth. I was struck with how awesome it is that he made male and female different but perfectly compatible. He made the family the way it is, with a mom and a dad because each one compliments the other, making both necessary. If he wanted homosexual partnerships he would have created the same compatibility. But that isn't the case. Anyway, I totally agree with you, I don't hate those who choose differently, but I certainly don't support an attempt at redefining God's law. His law is constant, unchanging, and wise.

  2. Kev and I often say how much we pray to be a good example of love and commitment for our boys during an era where marriage just isn't as sacred as it used to be (not just in terms of recent events, but also in general how you rarely see couples making it 50+ years on one marriage anymore ect). Just recently Cullen asked me what it meant to be divorced and why some friends in his class have lots of parents when you are only supposed to marry one person... life can be very tough to explain!

    You are an amazing mother and I know your boys will always look to your example of love, faith and goodness!

  3. So well said, friend.


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