Why All Little Kids Need a Second Bed

Levi is very good at a staying dry though the night, but he is only two and a half years old and occasionally has an accident.  Sometime last week he peed in his bed.  But instead of coming to get me in the middle of the night, he simply changed into dry underwear, found a new pair of pants, and climbed into the big bed in the extra bedroom and went back to sleep.  He did this all on his own without turning on the light or making a sound!  Meaning, I slept through the whole incidence.  Wow!  Honestly, I was kind of baffled come morning.

And that is exactly why every young child needs an extra bed all ready and warm to climb into... because middle of the night emergencies happen often when you're a little kid.

For instance, both Jed and Levi were sickies at least once over the last few weeks.  It was so easy to simply strip the soiled bed, comfort the sick child in the extra bed, and then flip off the light switch and go back to sleep myself.  Mess with a fitted sheet at 2AM?  Can't handle it.  I declare it too overwhelming.

So how exactly did I teach Levi to be so independent in the middle of the night?  Let's call it lazy parenting, wait, I mean encouraging my children to accomplish tasks all by themselves.  Phrases like, "Just try," and "You can do hard things," seem to be heard on repeat around here.

But watch out!  This independent attitude has gotten me into a little bit of trouble in the kitchen though.  Whenever I hear the scrape of the chair across the tile I know I'd better get my nose in there fast!  I usually scoot into the kitchen in time to see one of the boys grabbing a piece of toast from the toaster wearing a giant oven mitt or Levi trying to cut off the top of a yogurt tube with the scissors.  Yikes!

However, I'm always surprised at how capable these little people actually are.  With a little training and trust, they do okay!  I model a task, help with a task, and before I know it the boys are {mostly} doing that task all on their own--even if they're not quite ready!

I think it's so funny how much our children are a direct reflection of us parents.  (I mean, I've trained Jed to be a bedtime routine nazi!)  Jed and Levi often imitate Bron and my short-comings and idiosyncrasies but they also seem to pick up on many of our strengths as well.  Thank goodness!  I actually like the little people they're becoming!  I am by no means a perfect parent, but I feel confident that I'm doing some things right. 

So even though these pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the content of this post, they kind of do in a round-about way.  This is my parenting style: encouraging independence by gradually becoming a little more "hands-off" each week--though I am always nearby.  I also thoroughly enjoy getting out with my boys to play and explore and just be with one another without the distractions of a cell phone and chores at home.  I love listening to their interpretations of the world, feeling their tiny fingers in mine, and receiving copious amounts of unconditional love.  It fills my soul.

I know I was made for motherhood.  And motherhood was made for summer time.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the South Hills with friends again yesterday because all the best events this summer are worth repeating over and over!  We found a different spot this time, struggled with an umbrella for shade, and ultimately had a blast wading and splashing in the creek.  It was classic Idaho summer fun. 

^^Levi's face right after he slipped into the creek!  Coooold!  No worries, he was fine three minutes later.^^
^^Warming up in the sun in his underwear.^^
^^Showing off my post Lake Powell tubing battle wounds!^^


  1. We have some of that lazy parenting going on at our house too. The plus side is my kids can take care of themselves for a bit when needed. The downside is I find things like stools pulled up to the counter where they climbed on the kitchen counter, a trail of clothing throughout the house from their many outfit changes, and a disaster in the bathroom. At least they are learning some independence, right?

    You're so fun to always be taking your kids out on adventures! And your pictures... Always fantastic. I need you to be attached to my hip and take everyday pictures for me, I don't pull out the camera often enough. I do love looking at your pictures though. :)

  2. I love that idea of sleeping in the spare bed! Not sure why I didn't think of it before but our spare bedroom will definitely get more use now :). And I think that parenting tactic sounds perfect. To avoid frustration all day, I'm trying to develop the patience to let my kids do more things on their own and work things out without me. It takes more work than you'd think! I would 't call it lazy parenting.:)


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