Raspberry Picking

If it seems like we are always on the go, it's because we are!  We are taking full advantage of all the fun summer has to offer.  It means I sometimes feel overwhelmed with piles of laundry that have climbed their way to the ceiling and other forgotten responsibilities, but it's totally worth it.  With two enthusiastic little boys and no need for a diaper bag, it has never felt so easy to get out the door to go play.  (Naps are still a priority though; we almost always make it back home for two hours of quiet time, of course.  Priorities!) I am thoroughly soaking in this fleeting stage of life: this one where my two little boys are still so innocent and whom love me and need me like I'll always be the only woman in their life.  It's a wonderful time.

*Cue end of sappy sentiments.

A couple of weeks ago, while I was spreading some jam on Levi's toast, he reminded me that we needed to go berry picking to make more jam!  And he was absolutely right.  Our freezer jam store was running low.  So on a cloudy and cool Tuesday, we made a visit to a local berry farm.  It was the perfect weather for such an outing.  The boys didn't complain about the heat or thirst so we were able to stay long enough to pick nearly three full gallons of juicy ripe raspberries!  Yum!  We even had some help from the little girl who lived there at the farm.  She was a cutie.  I can't wait to go back when the blackberries are on! 


  1. Raspberries always bring fond memories of my grandparent'S house. That would be fun to go do. You have been on the go a lot. That's awesome! Life is more free without a diaper bag, isn't it?

  2. Beautiful photos!! My daughter and I love berry picking. We recently moved to Germany and we are so ready to do cherry picking.

  3. oooh. my GOSH, these photos are gooorgeous!!! what beautiful memories to capture with your sweet fam!!

  4. oh you're the coolest mom! What a fun outing! and I don't blame you, 2 hours of quiet time is never a bad thing haha :) naps should always be #1 priority! and by the way, you take gorgeous pictures (figures on account of the fact that you're a photographer)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  5. Beautiful, and so fun!


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