Two Years Old Today

Levi 3 Months Old

Dear Levi,

I just want you to know that in the short two years you have been in my life, you have somehow managed to get me completely wrapped around your tiny pinky finger.  It's true, my heart is a puddle on the floor when it comes to you.  Part of it is the age; you're still so short and cute.  Those big fat cheeks, playful eyes, contagious grin, and curly blonde hair are enough to win anyone over.

Oh, that hair of yours!  You have ringlets, Levi.  Soft blonde ringlets that make your mama swoon.  With some cords and flip-flops, you look like you stepped right out of a surfing magazine.  And when light hits the back of your head, you suddenly have a halo.  I hope as you grow that you learn to embrace the awesomeness that a fro can do for you because the combination of that hair coupled with your bright personality will be unstoppable.

Folks are always asking from whom you get your curly hair.  I was never able to answer that, chalking your hair up to a lucky genetic anomaly.  Well, at the Nelson family reunion this year, I finally found out!  Your Great Grandpa Nelson had hair just like yours and you have several extended family members sporting the look too.

But enough about hair.  You are so, so much more than that!  You are a ball of bright, happy personality and boundless energy.  In fact, it wasn't until very recently that you started to sit for ten minutes to watch cartoons with your brother; you always had something better to do!

You love playing outside and are hopelessly drawn to water--the sprinklers, a muddy puddle, the dog dish--if it's wet, you'll find it!  It makes me smile.  And just like your big brother Jed, you're slightly obsessed with bikes.  You've taken off on the little yellow strider bike this summer, actually picking your feet up and gliding!  And you're fast too.  That kind of balance and agility makes me excited for you.

All that hard play makes you hungry.  Levi, you're a bottomless pit at mealtimes.  You just eat and eat and ten minutes later you're hungry again!  You're really not too particular, but I think your favorite foods are berries (strawberries, raspberries, etc.) and muffins.

We always pray at mealtimes and I look forward to your turn.  You fold your arms across your forehead but your blue-green eyes are always peeking.  And that little voice is so dear!  You quitely repeat phrases after me and always end with a resounding AMEN.  I absolutely love it.  And those hugs and kisses you exuberantly hand out following family prayer at bedtime?  I love them even more.  It's one of the sweetest moments of my day.

After prayers each evening you have a pretty particular bedtime routine.  You sleep with at least two blankets in your bed: a monkey fleece and a blue one... or two... or three.  And they are all soft; it is requisite that the blanket must feel good against your face.  At bedtime (and naptime too) I hold you on my lap and wrap you up in one of those soft blankets.  I ask you what song you'd like me to sing and with perfect clarity you always answer, "Adelweiss".  It's such a pretty song.  I'm glad you like it so much.  I feel like it's something special we can share together.

Levi, I can't talk about you without mentioning how phenomenally articulate you are.  Seriously, you blow me (and everyone else) away with how much and how clearly you can speak.  And you certainly speak your mind!  All day long you tell me what you want, what you like, and what you don't like.  However, admittedly, my favorite part about your speech is hearing what's going on inside that little head of yours.  You like to narrate your life: "I run!" "I jump!" "I ride my bike!"  Your words often make me chuckle and remind me of just how perfectly innocent you still are!  You are so precious.

All this talking has undoubtedly made the terrible-two's (which we all know really starts around 18 months) much more bearable.  I know you'll become even more independent this year and that your tantrums will get worse, but hey, we can COMMUNICATE  and that makes everything so much easier for us both!  Two is going to rock; I can just feel it.

What I think I will miss most about this last year passing is the way you hold my hand.  Your whole hand grasps just two of my fingers and we walk along together.  It is the sweetest feeling, those tiny hands in mine.  

Levi, you are my sunshine.  Your happy, lively, laid-back personality is one I am hopelessly drawn to.  I look forward to peeking over the rail of your crib each morning to be greeted with an enthusiastic, "Hi Mommy!" followed by, "I hungry."  Your sweet smiles, songs, and laughter make my day over and over.  I love you to the moon and back, Baby Boy--for you will always be my baby.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Levi!

Love Always,


The cutest two year old around!


  1. Happy birthday Levi! He really is adorable and I love your sweet letter!

  2. happy birthday to your sweet boy! i hope it was amazing... he really is SO cute!!

  3. Happy Birthday handsome boy!! Can't believe he's 2 already!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little boy!! Oh my gosh he is a DOLL!!! Those curls! And he sounds like the sweetest little guy. Loved this sweet post you wrote about him <3

  5. Happy Birthday, Levi! He is just so stinkin' adorable! And he has very good taste in bedtime music!

  6. Adorable. He sounds like a fun kid!

  7. What a beautiful birthday letter! Happy Birthday Levi! You're one special little boy!


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