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 ^^Throwing rocks into the lake one evening last week^^

Wondering // How I'm ever going to survive the next few years as a mother.  Jed and Levi love antagonizing one another.  All day long they tease and hit and bite.  My ears have become numb to the screaming.  I get really tired of acting as the referee, you know.  Unfortunately, I have a feeling that all this antagonizing isn't a passing phase; this is all part of a healthy brotherly relationship.  Luckily, though they do fight hard, they seem to love harder.  It's those fleeting tender moments of brotherly love that I celebrate and hope they continue to show throughout their lives. 

Weekend Highlight // Our ward's Relief Society offered to babysit children at the church Friday night from 6:00-10:00pm so we parents could attend the temple.  Bron and I had a relaxing quiet visit to the temple and snagged some frozen yogurt with our friends afterwards.  It was fun!  And I shouldn't have been so apprehensive about keeping my boys out and up that late with somebody else because they had a blast!  The kids were visited by a real police officer, ate snacks, and made a cute craft.  But best of all, they jumped their hearts out in a giant bounce house that nearly touched the gym's ceiling.  Wow!  Then as an added bonus, everyone slept in Saturday morning.  Win-win all around.   

Listening to // Shatter Me Featuring Lzzy Hale - Lindsey Stirling.  I first heard the song a couple of weeks ago and now I'm kind of obsessed.  It makes me want to bust out my violin to play along!  (Also, if you've never seen any of Lindsey Stirling's videos, check her out.  She'll awe you with her violin/dance talent.)

Hungry for // strawberry freezer jam.  We happened to find a killer deal on strawberries Saturday, so I loaded up for an impromptu flash freeze/freezer jam making session in my kitchen over the weekend.  Mmm, mmm, good!  We are now officially ready for winter because we have strawberry jam to sustain us.  Haha  But seriously!

Looking Forward to // new furniture in the den.  I've been waiting nearly three years for this!  I will finally have some specified spaces for the CDs and books and files that are making my home feel cluttered.  Woohoo!  It's almost time to de-junk and organize.  Bring it.

Soaking in // the way Levi holds my hand.  His tiny hand holds just two of my fingers as he walks and jumps along to wherever we're headed.  It's so precious.  I wish he'd never grow up!

Thinking About // My photography.  I feel like I have finally plateaued, which is kind of an amazing feeling in a sense.  After years of working, shooting, and editing, asking questions, and reading articles I have finally "mastered" what I set out to do: create photographs of my children that I will cherish forever and that are worth printing up large to display on my living room wall.  I finally feel confident enough to call myself a photographer. 

Now what?  This photography journey doesn't really have an end.  I will never actually "arrive" anywhere because it's a personal art form and there is always room for growth and improvement.  So just what should I put my efforts into next?  I have a few ideas:  I want to learn to edit in a way that takes my images to the next level.  I want to learn how to shoot and edit landscape photos that really are worth framing.  I also have a few more newborn poses in mind that I want to try at my next session.  I might even make myself a little personal project to photograph whatever lines and patterns I see around me.

What do you think?  I'm totally open to some kind constructive criticism.

^^Brotherly love^^
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  1. These photos are unbelievably gorgeous! You have such handsome boys.

  2. I hear you on the screaming. Sounds like our house. Hailey and Keira antagonize each other too and some days it drives me absolutely crazy. But then there are those sweet moments when they play together and laugh and giggle. I guess it's worth it. :)

    Your ward is pretty awesome. A date night to the temple for you and Bron and a bouncy house for your kids!? Total win-win.

    Lindsay Sterling=Amazing. But really. We love her at our house too.

    You are so talented in photography. I just love your photos. I'm glad you have a hobby to focus on and refine. I struggle with that. I can't ever focus on just one thing, I bounce around too much. I'm still working on finding my niche. :) Keep working the photography- it looks great!

    1. Renae, you are just more well rounded. You are very talented yourself! Thanks for the sweet compliments. And I hope you're faring the sibling warfare better than I am. Ugh!

  3. So nice to find your beautiful blog, we are neighbors at the Currently linkup today : ) Your photography is gorgeous... so sweet and soothing! I am a fellow photographer lover myself and I must say you are fortunate to have such cute subjects to photograph!!

  4. I have been thinking I'm going to need you to come take some newborn/family pictures for us come December. Just keep that in mind :)

    1. Yes!!! I would be delighted to take your pictures.

  5. Hopping over to say hello from the linkup at A Mama Collective. These photos are amazing! Your kids are adorable.

  6. I love the last picture. Like you say, while they may bicker hard, they love harder! Congratulations to you on your photography. Your blog, to me, has always been like eye candy. You have so many beautiful pictures of your family and your outdoor adventures. You really are super talented Jessie!

  7. I think we've been wondering the same thing. My two big ones bicker so much! But then I think back to how much me and my brother bickered and what a close relationship we have today. I'm hoping that my kids will be the same. And I'm hoping that Evelyn will skip out on the bickering. A mama can dream, right?

  8. I think your photos are awesome. If I had a fraction of the talent you have, I'd be golden.

  9. I love your blog design! Love it!!

    Your photos are beautiful as well, you have adorable sons!

    Your wondering section, I could have just wrote myself. My son is 6 and my daughter is 3 1/2. lately, they fight like cats & dogs! yet the next moment, they are hugging & telling each other that they love each other.

    Stopping by from the Currently link up, I am Becky with Choose Happy :) I will definitely be checking out your blog again!!

  10. Your photos are so beautiful, Jessie!
    I love all the sun spots/flares in them! I wish you were closer so you could teach me :)

    1. Thanks! It's actually really easy, Rachel. Just over expose and shoot mostly into the sun!

  11. My boys have been bickering a lot lately too and it is driving me crazy! Glad I am not the only one.

  12. I'm so glad you introduced yourself on my blog! I'm actually from twin falls and my parents live in Hansen so I drive through Kimberly often! Actually I was a manager at the arctic circle before I got married.haha small world! Lets meet up sometime! :)

  13. Such lovely light in your photos! I'm enjoying reading through your blog :)


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