Glacier National Park: First Impressions and Avalanche Lake

avalanche lake glacier national park

Words to adequately describe Glacier National Park: 
Like a piece of the Alps popped up in North America
Take-your-breath-away beautiful 

I think part of  what makes Glacier so beautifully unique is the amount of water.  There is water everywhere!  It's nestled among the rich greenery of a short glacier summer as ice, snow, mountain lakes, and countless waterfalls.  Absolutely heart stopping gorgeous.  I was surprised at how many different kinds of eco-systems we encountered there as well.  On one hike we were surrounded by giant cedar trees and moss but the next hike was airid and open!  And those mountains?  Incredible.  I wish pictures could capture their true nobility.  

I guess it's a feeling I wish I could share with you through this screen but can really only be experienced in person.

Glacier National Park was on both Bron's and my bucket list of places to visit.  Since we didn't have much planned this summer, we decided to take advantage and just do it!  We dropped the little boys off at my mom's house where I guarantee they had much more fun playing at the splash parks, watching the Stampede, and being doted on by their uncles and Grandma than they ever would have with us.  (Thanks a heap, Mom!)  And then we were off!  It was a very looong road trip.  We combined our vacation with one of Bron's monthly trips to Montana to visit dairymen.  We spent roughly two days working, another three playing, and one day to drive all the way back home.  Luckily, Montana is easy on the eyes and we enjoyed our quiet time in the truck together.

Bron and I love checking things off our bucket list not just for the sake of checking it off, but for the opportunity it gives us to really live!  We get a natural high from seeing, exploring, and experiencing new things and new places.  Not to mention, Bron is a really great travel buddy.

So without further ado, may I share some photos from the evening we arrived!

We arrived at the park last Wednesday evening and conquered the six mile round trip hike to Avalanche Lake right away.  We couldn't wait to start exploring.  This hike was densely wooded and even had these giant cedars that were hundreds of years old!  Jaw-dropper.  What a way to start our visit!

 ^^There were PURPLE rocks!^^
avalanche lake glacier national park
 ^^Scenes from Avalance Lake.  Notice the waterfalls!^^
 ^^Thanks to the tripod and self-timer, we have pictures of the two of us together!^^
avalanche lake hike glacier national park
 ^^A tree root system.  Cool!^
Stayed tuned for much more eye candy from our trip!


  1. I can't wait to visit Glacier National Park - it is on my 'must see' list. Gorgeous pictures! :)

  2. This is nuts -- so incredible. We need to move. :)

  3. This place is absolutely breathtaking, I would love to visit! Beautiful photography too.

    Antoinette x
    Between the lines

  4. So pretty! That would be such a fun trip, especially if it is kid-less. I'm glad you two were able to get away and explore. Isn't so nice to be able to share sometime together doing something you both love?

  5. What a dream! And purple rocks?? So amazing. I love that you guys have a passion for traveling together.

  6. America really has such spectacular natural beauty! They should show this on tv all the time, not those daft Kardashian women.


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