Palisades Biking Adventure

The day before our family reunion began, Bron planned a biking adventure to Palisades.  All of his brothers (minus Kaleb; he's serving an LDS mission) and I were game for the torture exploit.

Let me explain: it was the roughest, most brutal trail I have ever mountain biked.  I felt like I had to hike-a-bike a third of the way up!  The trail is meant for hikers and horses and obviously not for the faint-of-heart type of mountain bikers.  We were sooo tired!  (Well, all of us except Bron, of course.)

BUT the views were absolutely breathtaking.  The mountains in east Idaho will always hold a special place in my heart.  They're a piece of God's magnificence.  The frigid mountain lakes shimmer under the sun in shades of blue and emerald green.  Totally stunning.

We made it to the second lake where we ate a picnic lunch on the shore as a thunder storm brewed overhead.  And then what followed is what all good stories are made of: We hurried down the mountain on our bikes, sloshing through the mud, eager to escape the storm as fat rain drops hit our helmets and thunder clapped above.  It was quite intense!  Thankfully, we did find bluer skies further down the trail.  The ride down was a blast.  We let gravity do the work and made sure to spray as much mud as humanly possible.  Really, it was so much fun.

And then we polished off the adventure with square ice cream cones.  I love this life. 


  1. That sounds incredible. I really am jealous of this hobby you guys have!

  2. You look amazing! I'm so impressed- mountain biking is no joke!!

  3. This is amazing! I bet it was just one of those things...hard but a good hard! Worth all that work. Down is always more fun =)

  4. How fun! You guys are completely embracing the summer! I can't imagine biking up a mountain, nice job! :)

  5. I love your biking adventures! You're right...adding a thunder storm to the mix certainly does make for fun memories and good story telling!


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