Kimberly Good Neighbor Days

Every year our teeny tiny little town puts on a weekend celebration called Kimberly Good Neighbor Days.  It's basically a fund raiser for some school sports and exposure for local small businesses.  Or better known as an excuse to enjoy some community spirit and party!  Unfortunately, each summer we've missed this grand weekend because of vacations.  But this year we were able to participate! 

Saturday morning, the little boys and I found a shady spot on Main Street from which to enjoy the parade.  It was so fun to wave at so many familiar faces as they rode by.  And the amount of candy thrown out was outrageous!  I should have brought a bag.  Luckily, the stroller acts as a giant catch-all.  Then it was off to the park to delight in the carnival rides.  Jed went haywire.  He was sooo excited!  I think he would have spent all day on a couple of those giant blow-up slides.  And both boys had perma-grins as they rode some "trains".

It was a really fun morning.  Good 'ol Kimberly, we love ya.

^^Our friends Kendra and Lorren participated in the kids' color fun run!^^
^^Our neighbor, Mr. Higley loves restoring old tractors^^
^^The looks on my boys' faces as they watched the parade^^
^^Squeezing in a picture of me too!^^
^^Jed was excited about his new BLUE toothbrush he was given from the dentist... to offset all that candy, I'm sure!^^
^^Riding their first carnival rides!^^


  1. Small town celebrations are just the BEST!! It's the reason Delta is our favorite place EVER to celebrate the 4th of July!! Your boys... SO cute! Their happy smiles kill me!

  2. So fun!! I love small towns. We have missed out on Farmington's parade every year too. It was this past weekend. I wanted to take the girls, they haven't ever been to a parade, but I completely spaced it! So sad. Hopefully next year!

  3. I love small town celebrations. The parade in your town looks like a hoot! (We don't have tractors in parades around here--only hundreds of fire engines from every single town in CT--at least it seems that way). What fun!

  4. Every single one of these photos is beautiful! Seriously! I hope to get as good as you are with taking photos one day so I can capture all these fun & special moments throughout the years with my own kids! So so fun!


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