A Family Reunion for the Fourth of July

^^The WHOLE family!  
Minus a few who couldn't make it.  And Levi who was napping.^^

July 4th is quickly becoming one of my favorite annual holidays.  The combination of sunshine, barbeques, parades, water fights, and fireworks are the perfect quinfecta (yes, I made up that word) for making lasting memories.  This weekend we were lucky enough to add the entire Nelson family on top of it all as a bonus.  

Organized chaos and lots of love.  That's how I'd describe our fourth celebration.  It was a ton of fun.  I am so blessed to have married into such a tight family busting at the seams with humor and personality.  Really, they're a great bunch and I love every single one of those faces!

^^Jed taking his cues from Jaden about appropriate candy embezzlement at the parade in Rexburg.  Also, Nakya with her darling daughter, Addie.^^
^^Part of the crew chilling on the street watching the parade^^
^^Love them!^^

We began our Independence Day celebrations at the parade in Rexburg.  When Jed saw all his cousins waving and getting candy tossed their way, he insisted on getting in on the fun too.  Of course!  Though Jed wasn't nearly as aggressive as he needed to be, he still managed to stuff his shorts full of salt water taffy and other goodies.  It might have something to do with Aunt Latawna and Uncle Quade secretly sharing their stash!  Jed now knows who to trust in this big family.  Ha!

After the parade, we all gathered at Aunt Crystal's house for the annual barbeque and water fight.  Tell me, what kid wants real food when there's candy sitting in bowls across the tables?  We were spoiled with sugar and rich foods all weekend long!  

Then it was fireworks!  I personally chose to stay home and put the boys to bed instead.  The late night sounded like a recipe for a tantrum disaster.  Plus, I was feeling over-tired from the day as well.  I heard it was a pretty spectacular show.  However, the smathering that DeAnn and I could see over the trees from the back porch was good enough to still make it feel like the Fourth of July for me.

^^I don't know if you can tell here, but Jed suffered a bug bite that made his entire forehead swell up!  Poor kid.  He looked like a star trek character.  Thankfully, he is back to his handsome self now.^^
^^Nice shot, Ryder!^^
^^Jed loooves to antagonize.  If he couldn't spray Grandpa anymore, then he'd water his chair!^^

The family reunion continued into Saturday.  It began with an even larger extended family reunion breakfast where the guys cooked up a storm.  Towards the end of the morning, they concocted a delicious round of sausages deep fried in pancake batter.  Mmmmm.  More please?

After breakfast, the family split up to go play.  (Or nap.  You know who you are!)  Our little group of Bron's brothers and Jed's cousins went miniature golfing!  It was a riot.

^^I can't help laughing at the chaos on the green!  We adults hung back until they all moved on to the next hole.^^
^^Levi's victory dance on the right^^
^^Bron and Jed.  Myself and Levi.  I love my little family.
Also, may I draw attention to my PURPLE hair!  I'm still enjoying the pop of color on the right side of my head.^^
^^What's a hot summer day without messy ice cream cones?^^

That evening, the entire Nelson clan gathered at the dairy for a fried chicken dinner and program.  The program is easily one of the best parts of the family reunion.  There was an embarrassing dance off "contest" using the xbox projected onto the wall in the garage and everyone brought candy-filled jars all pre-counted for us to guess and win.  But I think my favorite part was the auction.  Most everyone brought something they had made--diy home decor, a baby quilt, marshmallow guns, a glass cabinet, etc.--to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Even the kids got in on the fun!  

The best was saved till last: two metal diggers Grandpa welded together and painted.  These diggers are really very cool and every little boy's dream toy for the sandbox.  Both five year old Ryder and four year old Jed eagerly kept their hands up as the price skyrocketed!  It was to-die-for cute.  So finally, at $145, we brought home the blue digger.  Jed pretty much flipped.  His excitement is worth every penny.  (Though I still think Talon should pay the last $45.  That stinker!  Haha) 

Thank you Uncle Dustin and all who contributed for putting together this memorable reunion.  I had so much fun catching up with everyone and even meeting some faces for the first time.  There really is nothing like family.

Happy Fourth of July! 

^^That time Leah and Annabelle snuck away to use the zip line all by themselves.  Lol!^^


  1. Looks like you all had a great time! Your pictures are great!!!

    Stopping by from The Little Things Link up
    Alycia @ Crazily Normal (

  2. Oh my goodness. What a fun and busy weekend! So many people. Looks like a blast. And the miniature golf... totally hilarious. So many kids putting on the same hole. I've wanted to take Hailey for a while now, those pictures have given me more of an urge to try it out!


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