Exploring A Ghost Town Called Granite

Exploring a ghost town called granite
^^The old Main Street of Granite, Montana^^

Before these pictures get lost in the abyss of my computer hard drive, I want to share just one last part from our trip to Montana.  Bron and I logged a lot of miles in the cab of his truck that week in July.  We spent two days traveling to different dairies as a part of Bron's job before embarking on our incredible vacation adventure around Glacier National Park.  So to break up the drive, we took the road less traveled.  And it paid off!

I saw a small sign on the side of the road outside of Philipsburg advertising a ghost town.  It immediately made me excited and I told Bron we just had to go see it.  In college, my roommates and I were kind of obsessed with this little ghost town called Herbert.  It was just an abandoned home and a couple of crumbling stone foundations in the middle of a field---but at night, especially when the moon was waxing full and a stiff breeze was at our backs... it was pretty creepy.  This ghost town in Montana however, blew 'ol Herbert's socks off.

It was pouring rain and the muddy road just kept climbing up this mountainside.  Finally, as the rain subsided, we arrived at the top and at the old ghost town.  Granite was a 19th century silver mining town boasting over 3,000 residents at its peak in history.  There was a bank, a hospital, a three story union hall, and rows and rows of houses.  Now all that remains are the ruins of the once bustling city in the mountain tops.  What would life have been like then?  Bron and I like to wonder.  Walking among the old buildings and stone foundations is like taking a peek into history--living history right at my fingertips!  (I wish I had a better memory; maybe I could have been an historian in another life.)  Needless to say, Granite left an impression on us.  What a cool old ghost town!

 ^^What's left of the three story Union Hall^^
^^The one and only bank in town.  Not kidding, the stone walls were over a foot thick!^^

We made so many neat memories on our trip to Montana.  It is BEAUTIFUL country up there.  I can't wait to go back and bring the little boys with us for some more adventuring.  Thanks for the eye candy, Montana!


  1. What a cool place! I'm jealous of your awesome trip but your pictures are amazing!

  2. What a great place! A little world of it's own. I LOVE your photos. You are so talented!

  3. Good grief you're gorgeous! And this look amazing!

  4. Oh wow.... it's SO pretty there! There is a little ghost town outside of Zion and I'm dying to go explore!

  5. oh that is so cool. I absolutely love stuff like that. I've never been anywhere similar but I just love history at my finger tips and exploring old places! So so fun.

  6. Do you read Stephanie's blog: They just did a similar trip, I think the same place! I found her photos so hauntingly beautiful and yours too!

  7. How amazing! I think ghost towns are the best. What a cool opportunity to explore and take some beautiful pictures. I just LOVE reading about your experiences Jessie!


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