Throwback Thursday: My First Day of First Grade

This was too funny of an opportunity to pass up.  In honor of back to school season, I just had to link up with one of my favorite mommy bloggers for a throwback of our own school days. 

This is me on my first day of first grade in 1991...

I'm wearing a dress my mom made.  (Gotta give that wonderful woman some credit!)  And my hair was curled with those pink sponge curlers that I slept in over night.  I know I was thinking, "I'm sooo pretty!"  Hahaha.

Worse, is that a few months later I had a sudden obsession with wide brimmed hats--the ones that women wear to the beach and horse races.  I wanted one with long colorful ribbons.  So I made one out of a basket and wore it on my head.  I'm pretty sure I went shopping at the commissary with my mom wearing this dress with a basket tied to my head.  Umm, yeah.

Embarrassing childhood memories.  But if I remember right, first grade was a pretty darn good year.

Hop on over to Jenny's blog to link up and see some more silly first day of school pictures from back in the day!


  1. Oh my gosh - I remember the pink sponge rollers! And those socks! What funny memories! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. You are so adorable!! You've encouraged me to find my own back to school pictures from the 80's. I think I may post one. My mom used to make some of my clothes too. I wish I learned how to sew.


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