The One Thing I Am Doing Right As A Mother

Sometimes I wonder and I worry about my job as a mother to my two sweet boys. Am I teaching them all they need to know?  Do I discipline with enough love?  Am I really listening and being attentive?  Do I remember to enjoy the moment?

I am a very imperfect mother.  One of my biggest fears is that my lack of patience and other personality flaws are going to be reflected back at me in my children.  However, I have learned to forgive myself, to take a deep breath (sometimes multiple times in one day!) and start again with a new resolve.

Ultimately though, I think I'm doing okay.  I am doing my best.

There is this ONE thing I am totally nailing though.  And that is scripture study with my little boys.  After everyone is situated at the breakfast table--with a plate of peanut butter honey toast, some grapes, a vitamin, and a glass of milk (whew!)--I open up the Gospel Library app on my phone.  Sometimes Jed even reminds me, "Read scriptures Mommy!"  And so reading the New Testament has become a part of our daily routine.

On the days the boys are wound up and uninterested, we may only get through five verses.  But there are other days when Jed begs for me to read more!  It has honestly blown me away how much these curious little spirits soak in, how much they understand.  They want to listen and learn!  On those days, a sweet spirit settles upon us for a few minutes.

Reading the scriptures has given me a daily opportunity to teach my children about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is something that is near and dear to my heart--something that I have based my entire life upon--and I desperately want to share it with my family.  Daily scripture study with my little ones has also helped me in my understanding of the gospel.  When I review certain verses with Jed, I suddenly gain a new perspective or application for my own life!  It really is enlightening.  And kind of special.

I hope we can continue this one habit for a long, long time.

*What one thing are you doing right?*


  1. You're so good to do that. We are so hit and miss with that at our house. We definitely need to be better about it. I often feel like they are too little to understand or what to listen, but I think you're totally right, they soak everything in and are so curious about everything right now. Good work mama!

    I think the one thing I am doing right (along with backup from Kyle) is teaching my girls to be good, kind and loving to everyone. To treat others nicely and to be friends with everyone. I think Hailey does a pretty good job at this. I hope it sticks with her.

  2. Someone once told me, "You don't have to be a 'perfect' mom, just 'good enough' ", and that helped me through many guilt trips. You're an awesome, mom, Jessie! You are doing many things right. Your darling boys are proof of that.

  3. We have gotten in the habit of scripture study as well and sometimes I feel like they aren't paying attention at all and then they will ask us a question!!! It is the best feeling ever!
    Oh, and just for the record, I think you are an AMAZING mom!!

  4. You're an amazing mom Jessie! You dedicate your heart and soul to these two little boys, and one day you'll see just how much they appreciate it! I think it's awesome that you're reading them scripture as such a young age. We go to church on Sundays and often talk about Jesus and God, but we haven't started reading from the Bible yet. If your boys are enjoying it, maybe I should finally consider doing it here too.


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