How I Have Been Completely Manipulated By a One Year Old

Two quick stories that make me laugh and that I don't want to forget:

1. One night a couple of months ago I was awakened by Levi's crying around 2:00AM.  I stirred, trying to discern if it was a real cry or a fake one.  Ten minutes later, I finally brushed enough sleep from my eyes to wander across the house to his room to check on him.  As soon as I pushed open the door, Levi abruptly stopped "crying".  In the sweetest high pitched little voice he asked, "Cuddle Mommy?"

Argh!  I just fell into a toddler trap.  But I couldn't help smiling either.  And since I was still groggy and it was two in the morning after all, I did scoop him up from his crib to hold him.  It was wonderful.

Thankfully, Levi never repeated his little stunt.

2. Tonight, Levi got in a little bit of trouble for throwing his green beans on the floor at dinner time.  He had to help clean them up.  Afterwards, Bron had a very short but stern little talk with him as Levi tried pulling every "cute" trick he had: the big eyes, the smile, covering his eyes, etc.

"How can you keep a straight face with him?" I asked.

"It's easy," Bron replied.  "I see the evil behind those eyes," he teased.

That's when Levi promptly walked over to me and I picked him up.  "Kisses Mommy!" he declared.  Levi then placed both his hands on my head and began kissing my cheeks.  "Mmm-muaw!" he smooched over and over again with a giant grin.

Seriously?!  I don't stand a chance with this kid!  I am totally smitten and irrevocably wrapped around Levi's tiny pinky finger.  But I love him.  Oh, how I love him!  This mama-son relationship is pretty special.


  1. Awww! I love little moments like this that melt my heart. Tender mercies. Love your pics! Love that you record these little things that make life so darn special.

  2. Oh! He is so cute! Charlotte likes to pull cute little tricks too. And I have so much trouble keeping a straight face!

  3. He is adorable. Keira tends to have the same effect on me. How can you turn away such innocent cuteness?

  4. I love him so much- Bennett does the same things to me!

  5. What a little cutie! He sooo knows how to play the game. When I get frustrated w/ Lewie, he immediately declares, "Mommy I love you so much. You're the best Mommy in the whole world." How are they so smart?


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