A South Hills Afternoon Adventure

I can't believe June is coming to a close and that we're launching straight into July already!  There's a lot to look forward to this upcoming month, including a big family reunion and a getaway vacation to explore Glacier National Park.  I'm excited.

This weekend, however, we did a little adventurous exploring just a few miles from home.  On Saturday, I dropped Bron and a couple of his buddies off at the top of the Hills so they could mountain bike the various canyons all the way home.  It took them six hours!  (Yes, they were exhausted.  And yes, it was epic.)  So while the men biked, the little boys and I took advantage of our opportunity to be in the South Hills and made an afternoon of it.  Essentially, we "hunted" for bobcats in the woods, ate a picnic lunch, and hiked a half mile to Ross Falls.  I love spending quality time with my boys like this.  They're the best kind of memories and I'll cherish them forever.

^^Peeking over the bridge to get a good look at the water^^
^^When we got to the falls, the boys insisted on sticking their feet in the water.  Then they got all wet.  And muddy.  And then it was suddenly nap time.  It was touch and go up there for a few minutes--enough whining and crying to drive this mama a little nuts.  But we pulled it together enough to make it slowly and happily back down the trail.^^
^^On the way back down, Levi stopped to smell the flowers.  What a face!  And those curls!  I'm a puddle on the floor.^^

When the boys finally fell asleep in the truck on the way home, I decided to just keep driving.  Back country roads and xm radio are quite relaxing.  Maybe one day I'll just start driving and see where I end up!

And then... the following happened Sunday afternoon when I left the boys unattended in the backyard for ten minutes: they turned their sand box into a pool!  Mischievous little minions, aren't they?!  But I love them.

That's a wrap for June.
I hope everyone enjoys a fabulous 4th of July!

P.S.  I got my hair cut and colored this morning.  This time though, I added a few streaks of purple!  Aaaah!  I've been wanting to do that for a while now.  Just for fun, you know?  I'm liking it.


  1. purple! crazy! I had to go find it on IG, fun! love it! I dyed my hair red my last semester in college because I figured I'd have some sort of job that required non-red hair...but nope, and now I stay at home.
    I'm so jealous of the lovely places you can hike. Not so much here. It is so much more enjoyable to take advantage of summer when that is where you can do it!

  2. These pictures KILL me! I've never been to Idaho but you've convinced me that it is one gorgeous state!! I love the adventures your family go on!
    July sounds like it's going to be a fun night! You totally deserve it ;)

  3. Fantastic pictures, like always. :) Looks like a fun outdoor adventure! And yes, those curls... SO adorable!

  4. It look absolutely beautiful there. I'm so excited to visit you in August.

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous...and those falls! What a beautiful little adventure. Your boys are truly the cutest; can't wait to hear more about your upcoming July! Happy 4th!

  6. Your photos are stunning! I thought about you as we were driving through Idaho. We drove through a lot of pretty places, but Idaho was the one that I could most see myself living one day. Oh - and I saw your purple hair on Instagram. I love it!

  7. sounds and looks like a wonderful way to spend the day..
    purple sounds fun!

  8. I want to see your hair! Looks like a grand adventure with your boys. And that pool? Totally something mine would do!

  9. I cannot get enough of your photos! :) They are always so stunning! :) You guys had a great month together! And I want to see your purple hair! :)


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