Snapshots of Summer Fun

We've been playing hard all month!  Long warm sunny days just beg to be spent outside.  So we do!  These last few weeks have been loads of fun, especially with my two energetic little boys.  Their enthusiastic smiles melt my heart.  Our precious summers together will pass much too fast (they'll be grown and gone before I can blink), therefore we're taking full advantage--even on the days we stay home.  So between nap times and laundry, take a peek at what we've been up to:

 ^^Cookie making at Grandma's house!^^
 ^^We spent one rainy afternoon playing at an indoor playground with cousins.  The boys are still talking about it.^^
^^Leaping into the ball pit!^^
^^Levi thought he was sneaky stuff, "hiding" face down in the balls from us.  Haha!^^
^^And of course, don't forget about Grandma's awesome play set in the backyard.  Wheee!^^
 ^^Our summer happy place: the backyard sprinklers with friends!^^

 ^^And of course, more trips to Dierkes Lake.
A few weeks ago I made a winding trench in the sand and told Jed it was the Snake River.  So now every time we visit the lake, Jed grabs buckets full of water to make "snake water".  Cute!^^
 ^^This TOTALLY happened: grass surfing behind the neighbor's golf cart.  Oh, yeah!  The kids had a blast.  Does this make us a bunch of Hicks? I don't care.^^
Lots of love to you, Summer!  Keep the fun coming.


  1. hahah the golf cart thing, amazing! I want one. All the fun things! I love it! I've got cookies on my agenda soon. Mainly because mama is craving a cookie...

  2. Looks so fun! Grass surfing with the golf cart looks awesome! I love it.

  3. ya know, I've never really been a fan of summer. Too hot! Me and heat just don't get along; however I enjoy the long days just so we can simply get a head started to the day early in the morning and come in for the heat of the afternoon for a nap and then back at it we go! lol

  4. What a perfect start to the summer! Grass surfing looks awesome, and the lake you visit looks beautiful. Is it right near a canyon? I love that you make time to appreciate all the joys in life. One day your kids will look back and say, "I had the best childhood ever!"

  5. oh wow looks like so much fun.. your boys are so lucky. and great pictures.

  6. One of the main reasons I'm dying to buy a house (we still haven't had the feeling that it's time to settle, ah! I'd love to know what's in our future in the next 5 years so that we can just buy a house and call it good, ha!) is so that we can have a yard and Mia can run through the sprinklers! One of the best parts of summer!
    Love these pictures full of pure JOY!


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