My Hands Are Full With This Kid

^^The next Evil Knievel.  Yes, that is Levi riding on top of a table.  ALL his idea.^^

We just spent the majority of our week playing and enjoying ourselves on the Nelson Dairy.  We love visiting family!  Grandma spoiled us with bacon for breakfast every. single. morning.  Yum!  The little cousins spent one rainy day immersed in colorful ball pits and slides at an indoor park.  Lucky kids!  And while Grandma entertained and cared for my little boys as only a loving Grandma can, I snuck out to photograph many of my old friends that still live in that area.  Whether it's been nine years or just one, it has definitely been too long between visits!  I had a blast catching up with these friends and taking over a thousand pictures. 

We arrived home early this afternoon.  Honestly, I was kind of tired from such a busy week!  After cleaning out the car, I was hoping the boys would just play while I sat back and relaxed.  Apparently, that was not a part of Levi's plan at all.

Within an amazingly short amount of time, Levi...
Snuck into the dog's kennel to drink the water
Pooped TWICE
Bit Jed so hard it broke the skin!  (He earned some major discipline for that one)
Ripped every single red petal off my rose bush
Helped Jed dump cup fulls of water from the kitchen onto the patio.  Then they threw rocks on the puddle.  Then they slurped it up with their mouths.   

Do these kids need a salt lick?  "How about popcorn and a movie?" I offered hoping for some peace.

Then Levi...
Found the graham crackers Bron left by the couch and quickly turned them into crumbs
Shook all the water out of a mug through a straw onto my music bag full of books
That's when I stuck him in his crib--without a sheet because it had just been washed.  When I checked on him a few minutes later, I found he had ripped a long hole in the vinyl of his mattress!

Do I laugh or cry?, I thought because I just can't win today!  Levi's grin eventually won me over.  I am so whipped.

So while we waited for Bron to arrive home from work, Levi enjoyed riding his car on any elevated surface he could find.

I am doomed.  My hands are full with this crazy boy.  Luckily, my heart is full too.


  1. That's crazy! Put on your seat belt, hang on to your hat its going to be a wonderful ride! Hahaha. I am so happy to hear I am not the only one of that kind of roller coaster ;)

  2. Haha! That silly boy, good thing his smile is so cute. Man, sometimes I think god have us toddlers simply to test how much he could stretch us. :)

  3. Lol... that kid. His little grin is going to get him out of trouble his whole life, I imagine. :)

  4. What a busy boy! Seriously, sounds like quite the exhausting day. It is a very good thing little kids are so cute, so we can forgive and forget all of the craziness they put us through!

  5. Your hands are full with him!

  6. Oh little boys can certainly be walking tornadoes. It sounds like you may have had a lot more cleaning to do after the car! One day this post will be ridiculously funny--maybe it is right now. Oh, days can be so long but so funny with toddlers :)


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