Gimme S'more Weekends Like This One

Summer is in full swing around here!  We've been playing hard, staying up late, and sleeping in.  Believe it not, Levi has been snoozing till almost 10AM!  So when Jed awoke both Saturday and Sunday we turned on some cartoons for him and then climbed back into bed.  Slow and sleepy cuddly mornings are just the ticket.  *Wink*

When our neighbor told me he was offering free rides on his carnival slingshot attraction Thursday night, I knew I was not going to miss the opportunity!  He takes the slingshot to fairs and carnivals across the nation and it just happened to need a little paint job done this year.  It was sooo much fun!  I had to ride it twice.  I was practically shaking from the adrenaline.  Thanks a heap, Barendregts!

^^Nick and I ready to be launched.  Bron hates heights and Nicks' wife Amy doesn't like rides much, so we rode together!^^

Other happenings over the weekend included some retail therapy (at Target to be specific) on Friday night for me: I was feeling a little defeated by a certain pair of little boys.  But no matter; I found myself some new maxi dresses that hug all that right curves and are perfect for summer!  They're comfort and style rolled into one outfit.  I'm so excited!  The problem was I just couldn't choose!  I totally texted my sister pictures from the dressing room.  Hehe  Our family also attended a barbeque on Sunday afternoon where we tasted some of the best tri-tip ever grilled.  I'm not kidding; it was mouth-watering delicious.

But I think the highlight of the weekend was spending all of Saturday afternoon and evening up in the South Hills.  Our friends took their camper up into the mountains on her maiden voyage, so we joined them for some mountain biking, dinner, and s'mores over a campfire.  The temperature was a bit cool because a mild storm blew over and it's still early in the season, but the outdoors felt refreshing all the same.  Levi even got down and rolled in the dirt, just like a dog.  Atta boy!  That kid makes me laugh.

Keep bringing it, Summer!   

P.S.  Levi totally has a sandal tan line across his little feet already!  Too cute.

 ^^Levi's rolling in the dirt stunt.  His face was sooo dirty!^^
 ^^That's my Jed!  He likes fire, loves wearing hats, and is hopelessly attached to his toys.  Jed didn't catch a nap that day and just kept getting crazier and more destructive as the afternoon wore on.  Note to self: Jed still needs a nap... or else!^^
 ^^Three little friends exploring and Kendra keeping her baby doll warm.  Classic cuteness.^^
 ^^Pyro Bron^^


  1. Wow, what a fun weekend! I love that you really know how to enjoy the great outdoors. I sooo want to sit around a campfire right now and eat S'mores. What a perfect Sat. afternoon/evening!

  2. please dont ever cut levi's hair so it remains cute and curly! And I agree that any trying day can be fixed with a new maxi dress.

  3. Sleeping in until 10? Wow that is amazing! There is just nothing like Summertime and it looks like you are enjoying it to it's fullest.

  4. Love the South Hills pictures! Charlotte would have been right there with Levi in the dirt. She makes "angels" in everything - snow angels, sand angels, dirt angels....

  5. I'm pretty sure if you lived by my family, we would hang out a lot! haha. We have a lot of things in common. I'm SO glad I found your blog tonight! Super excited to be following along! I've already added you to my favorites daily read :) ha! yay for a new blogging buddy!


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