Memorial Day: How We Ushered in Summer

Now that another weekend is nearly upon us, let's talk about that fabulous three (four in my case) day weekend we just enjoyed!  (Note: I took waaay too many pictures.)

Actually, I have to be honest.  Leading up to the weekend, my patience was about as thin as rice paper.  The week prior, I had a fabulous week despite Bron being out of town and then sick.  And I was on a roll as the week started, but by the time Thursday arrived I was done.  DONE.  I was just tired.  Tired of playing referee.  Tired of listening to whining.  Tired of wiping bums and filling endless needs.  If I heard, "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!" one more time I just might explode.  This mama has a ten day limit.  After ten days, I NEED breather--a break from my children and time to simply chill out.  So I hired a babysitter for Saturday afternoon and Bron and I headed out the door for four hours of mountain biking bliss way up in the South Hills.  It was monumental.  All I heard were birds chirping, the wind moving in the trees, and the crunch of my own tires on dirt and rock.  There's nothing like fresh air and exercise to rejuvenate the soul!  Bron and I had a blast up there, especially on a specific downhill trail section.  Wheee!

On Sunday afternoon we took a quick road trip to the Nelson Dairy to visit Bron's family.  I've missed those wonderful Sunday dinners!  It was the ultimate relaxing weekend.  I mean, how can you top good food, sunny weather, and family?  We celebrated my niece's second birthday, played outside, had a girl nail party, talked and laughed, celebrated Call receiving his Eagle award, ate more delicious food, talked and played some more, and the boys shot some clay pigeons.  It doesn't get much better than that.

^^The Nelson Dairy nestled among the cotton woods.  It's the prettiest dairy you'll ever visit out west.^^
 ^^My sweet nieces!^^
^^Just chillin'.  Waiting for the food to cook.^^
^^Dutch oven fried chicken and potatoes.  Yum!^^
^^Kisses from Grandma^^
^^An abundance of cousins to play with.  They have so much fun.^^

I am grateful for all the service men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice for me and my family--for our freedom.  I am proud to belong to four generations who have served in the military.  My brother just served, my Dad served in the Gulf War and Iraq, my Grandpa served in the Korean War, and my great grandpa served in WWI.  It is quite a legacy!

Sometime on Monday we watched part of a Memorial Day tribute on tv.  When Jed saw a still picture of soldiers and a helicopter he exclaimed, "I want to fly a helicopter!"  His statement took me by surprise, but I found myself smiling all the same.  "Yes, you CAN do that," I replied.  I would be a very proud mother to add another generation of service to our military.

Happy belated Memorial Day!


  1. I don't think I'd make it 10 days! When mine was first born she was early and my husband had previously arranged his schedule to work more before she that totally backfired and it was just me and a newborn for about two weeks. I was so stressed! And, tired! oy. Super glad when those two weeks were done. I look forward to dad walking in the door every day!

    My gosh your pictures are beautiful too! Your kid getaway sounds perfect.

  2. I'm glad you were able to get away with Bron for a little bit. I totally understand... :) The dairy does look beautiful! Looks like a fun weekend with family!

  3. Sounds like the perfect Memorial Day weekend (after a tough ten days). I definitely have my days when I am "done!" (Sometimes taking care of husbands can be harder than taking care of little boys.) So glad you had a chance to rejuvenate!

  4. Eeeee, I love those cute little baby calves! Oh how I miss baby calves. However, I do not miss getting dragged around while trying to lead newly halter-broken calves. Looks like y'all had another amazing weekend! I love that you and Bron get out and exercise for y'alls dates. It's a lot healthier than sipping wine and stuffing faces (what we normally do!).


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