Last Week: Instagram Style

 Since I'm in the habit of recording every detail of our lives, let me take a minute to fill you in on what's been going on here lately.  It was a long week between Bron being out of town and then feeling under the weather for a few days, but we survived!

::  Fruit Pizza!  A sugar cookie with a yummy cream cheese spread and topped with fruit.  Not only delicious, but pretty to look at too!  I made three for the first time: two for a special activity for my Achievement Day girls and their mamas at church and one for us.  It was kind of our dinner one evening.

::  Some old college friends were in town for a job interview!  Last Thursday, Hailey and I spent the day playing and exploring the area with our combined three little boys.  So fun.  Then Friday evening, the four of us (Dusty and Hailey, Bron and me) went out on a dinner date.  We caught outside seats along the canyon rim.  The weather was warm.  The view was incredible.  The food tasted delectable.  And the conversation was great!

::  Little friends enjoyed an evening exploring the old Rock Creek Station and eating popsicles.  The five of them are a riot together.

::  Saturday I was asked to photograph the saddest funeral.  A fireman left behind a wife and three little children due to brain cancer.  I'd never been to a Catholic funeral before.  It was very somber.  I can't imagine being in that woman's shoes.  My heart goes out to her!  I came home absolutely emotionally drained.  Hold your loved ones tight!

::  Playing in the backyard!  The boys like "hiding" in the weeds and pretending to be baby bears... or pretending to hunt bears.  Also, the teepee is just as fun and magical as I hoped it would be!


  1. That fruit pizza looks to die for!!! I have been craving fruit pizza for weeks... I just need to make it one of these days. It can't be that bad for you right? Especially if you load it up with fruit!

  2. Seriously? That's your view on a date? Can you take me on a date? Please? ;-)

  3. Such an adorable post! And I just love your photography. :)

  4. That fruit pizza! It sounds like you had a week of pure fun (with the exception of the funeral--my prayers go out to this mom and her children).

    I love that your boys have so much fun playing in the back yard. They're always smiling and laughing! :)


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