Cuddle Mommy

There are days like today when I swear I am going to sign Levi up for the military... like now!  He goes on unauthorized seek and destroy missions that keep me bouncing from one battle ground mess to the next.  I'm sure our armed forces could utilize those kind of skills.  Levi is ALL BOY!  Literally, if he is awake, he is moving. 

Maybe that's why when Levi tells me, "Cuddle Mommy", I immediately become a puddle on the floor.  Surprisingly, against all odds for this busy boy, Levi loves to cuddle!  A soft blue blanket and my embrace are his comfort.   

*Swoon*  My heart over-floweth. 

So we often snuggle up on the couch together and read books while Jed is in preschool.  Or sometimes he sits on my lap while I fold laundry.  But my favorite kind of cuddles are bedtime cuddles.  We sit in a chair in the dark of his bedroom.  Levi is wrapped in a blanket, his head on my chest.  I sing a lullaby and we simply just sit still in silence together.  I hold him, smell his hair, and listen to his breaths become deeper as he drifts off to sleep.  There is no feeling more tender or precious.  These are the moments I live for as a mother.

I am totally, completely, and wholeheartedly wrapped around this little boy's tiny pinky finger.  It's his curly hair, his mischievous grin, and the way he works me over by insisting, "Cuddle Mommy"--my two new favorite words. 


  1. Ahh I would gladly stay wrapped up in that feeling for the rest of my life. It's unlike anything else! As you were describing that it reminded me of a post you wrote back when he was still a "baby." I can't believe how grown up he is and how quickly it happened! I know that's how it will be with Carsen and it makes me so sad :(

  2. Soo adorable. Levi and Aiden sound just alike. :)

  3. So sweet! Little boy cuddles are just the best! Trenton is 5 and still gives me hugs and wants to cuddle a lot.

  4. That is so funny- he sounds so much like Bennett! B loves his morning cuddle but is not generally affectionate at all. I never turn down a cuddle!

  5. Just kill me. That kid is just the CUTEST.

  6. Those little person cuddles are the best. Cute, cute kid!

  7. I miss those days! My son will sit in my lap for about five minutes. Although, the other day he did fall asleep in Daddy's lap and stayed there for a whole 40 minutes... I love that you appreciate and savor these moments as much as you do :)


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