On the First Day of Summer

Summer is officially here!  I can't help but do a little party dance.  I am thrilled.  Summer is hands-down my favorite season.  So here's to dirty bare feet, long sunny days, trips to the lake, picnics at the park, s'mores over an open fire, and everything else that makes my heart simply sing. 

Jed's final day of preschool was last Thursday.  Levi and I arrived nine minutes late to his "party".  When we entered, the class was in the middle of performing a cute little song.  Jed, however,  was sitting on the floor with a pouty lip.  I felt horrible.  He was sad I wasn't there!  Thankfully, he happily jumped up as soon as he saw me slide into the seat in front of him.  After their song, each of the children were handed a ridiculous little certificate of participation.  Jed was so proud.  He grinned from ear to ear!  I couldn't help smiling.  Then it was cupcakes and juice and games in the yard.

On Friday, I decided we needed our own little celebration to kick off summer!  We met up with some new friends for the first time at Dierkes Lake.  We dug in the sand, ate some lunch, played at the park, and splashed in the lake some more.  It was warm and sunny and there was hardly another soul there: an absolutely perfect morning.  Then the heat that evening called for some relief in the sprinklers.  I'm looking forward to enjoying many more carefree days.

Welcome Summer!!!

^^Yes, I totally edited the lake.  Every body of water should be as blue as the Caribbean, right?^^
^^Then Jed chased some geese.  I love the next picture.  He's all, "Stay away.  I got this!"^^
 ^^Look!  I was there too.^^
^^Then Jed came at me with a bucket of water.  Muahaha!  I'm up for a water fight any time!  I won.  He got soaked.  I won't be able to say that a few years from now.^^
^^When did my baby boy get so long?  He's four going on ten!^^
^^Little friends.  I love pictures like these.  This one is totally senior night/junior miss material in a few years.^^
^^My favorite of this entire stack of pictures.  I sure love this funny kid!  So much personality.^^


  1. Love everything about this post! Great way to kick off summer. Love that swingset too.

  2. Those sweet boys have the best life!

  3. I agree that summer is definitely the best season. Hands down. Your boys have such a fun mom. :)

  4. What a fun day! You are so good about getting your kids outside to play, and not just at home!


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