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^^Totally framing this^^

Thankful for: A wonderful Mother's Day weekend!  It all started with a spontaneous girls' night out on Friday when Dani suggested we go see the new movie, Mom's Night Out.  So we caught the 9:10PM showing and laughed till we cried.  The satire of motherhood was spot on.  How could every one of us not relate to an overwhelming messy house, the feeling of utter exhaustion, or better yet, "having a moment"?  We've all been there!  So though the movie became quite predictable, it still had us all in tears by the end with its Christian message: Yes we're imperfect human beings, but that doesn't mean we are not enough.  I think it really made a difference in how I perceived Mother's Day this year!  A big thanks to our husbands for that last minute break.  It was well worth it.

The rest of the weekend was low-key and spent mostly around home.  I knew it was going to be a great day when Bron allowed me to peacefully sleep past 9:00AM on Sunday morning.  It doesn't get any better than that!  I love my job.  Even though these two little boys deplete my sanity at times, they grow my heart and soul everyday.  Motherhood is my life's greatest blessing.

 ^^At least I tried, right?^^

Excited about: Gel nails.  I've been having a lot of fun this spring painting my nails; it's just a little something extra for me that makes me feel more feminine.  Unfortunately, we all know maintaining pretty nails takes a little time and effort... until I came upon this cute girl's blog post.  I was suddenly inspired!  After doing a little more "research", I was determined to do my own gel nails at home too.  So last Saturday I dragged the boys around town shopping with me.  We found my nail supplies at Sally's, an old office lamp at the thrift store, and a UV light bulb at the pet store.  Voila!  An at home manicure that will last two weeks.  I am thrilled!  Now all I need are more colors.  Hehe.   

Reading: Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent.  I don't read much anymore these days (who has time for that?), but I got to read Divergent on the weekend I flew solo to California last month.  The series is too good not to finish!

I Confess: I started potty training Levi... and six days later I gave up!  He just isn't ready?!?  I want to be done with diapers sooo bad!  Really, I tried following a supposed "potty training guru's" regimen for three days.  When that wasn't working, I switched tactics.  I then sat the boy on the potty every 30 minutes.  Not. One. Success. All. Week. Long.  Okay, one half success.  Levi tells us after he's made a mess, but makes absolutely no effort to run to the potty or stop the flow.  After he pooped in the shower this morning, I officially threw in the towel.  We'll come back to this in the fall after he turns two.  I am so exhausted.  But at least he was super cute in tiny underwear, right?   

Recent happenings as recorded in pictures:

Jed wanted me to make him a rocket one morning.  Out of paper, he insisted, with buttons.  The left picture is our finished product: a paper bag with blue buttons glued onto the front and red tail fins on the back.  (Mother of the year, right?  Thank you!  Haha.)  It's been so much fun to watch him play.  I punch in his trajectory and count down from five to blast-off.  Then he runs around the room at breakneck speed until he crashes.  It's super cute.

Jed also has a new obsession with pirates.  He needed a pirate hat one morning so I tied a bandana around his head.  No kidding, he naps with it on!  He uses the trampoline as his ship and called me Captain Mommy today at lunch.  After endless questions about what pirates do, I started to teach him some new words.  He now eats in the galley, pees in the head, and tells Levi, swab the deck ya scalawag!  (Translation: Clean up the toys!)  I love this kid's imagination.
 ^^The first flower Jed picked for me this year.  He asked me to put it in a "water pot".  Haha  And Jed "fixing" my wobbly chair for me.  So sweet.^^

The above pictures are what happened in the five minutes it took me to reload the dishwasher.  Despite the cool drizzly weather, Jed and Levi escaped out of the house to play with their trucks in the mud.  Levi was pants-less.  But no matter, he had a hat!  I couldn't help laughing out loud and grabbing the camera.

Thinking about: Adding a 3rd baby to this wonderful craziness we call our life.  I bounce back and forth from being absolutely sure and looking forward to feeling that miracle of a baby kick inside me again, to dreading pregnancy, the sleepless months, and the inevitable strain a new baby puts on our marriage.  Plus, I barely have a handle on two kids--if I have a handle at all.  What makes me think I can handle three?  But I WANT three children.  And I want them to be fairly close in age.  Not to mention, I swoon over every newborn I see these days.  Bron insists that by the way I'm taking this so seriously, I'm ready.  I guess we'll see!  Good thing I trust the Lord has a little say in this too.

And that pretty much sums us up!
I hope all you other mothers had a wonderful weekend as well.

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  1. I like the way you changed up Currently. It's cute.
    We recently ran a coop for Gel nail polish. Wish I'd seen this sooner!
    My (will be 2 on June 1) little is begging to not wear diapers and holding it, but can't quite figure out how to make herself go when she's on the pot. It's frustrating for everyone. I feel your pain!
    I completely understand the baby want. We have 3 and I just know that I'd feel complete with 4. I also know that a fourth would make me lose my mind. I wish you all the clarity in the world on that decision. haha
    Hope your day is wonderful!

  2. Those boys are so adorable! Quite frankly I think you have an amazing "handle" on those 2! I've bee having the same thoughts about having my 2nd kid! I can barely handle Rory sometimes (though I blame hormones currently for being super impatient) and we're finally in somewhat of a groove but I'm excited too for a brand new one ;) I hope we hear soon that another gorgeous babe will be gracing us with their presence ;)

  3. Well first I was going to talk about your pretty hair, how much I like the Divergent series, Jed's imagination and pantless Levi, BUT now I just have to talk about how awesome having a 3rd is. Seriously, my transition to 3 was WAY easier than with two because my big boys have each other and don't need me at every waking minute. If anything, the new baby brought them closer together. We love our 2 year age gap and obviously Wells is the perfect addition to our family!

  4. Potty training Hailey nearly made me not ever want to have another child, just because I didn't ever want to go through potty training again. I started and stopped with her a few times too. After sometime she was just ready and it happened so much easier. I was ready to be done with diapers, but she wasn't- and I just couldn't force it. Potty training is the worst, seriously. Maybe Keira will just train herself? :) Good luck! Give it some time and come back later- maybe he'll be ready then. I do agree- the itty bitty underpants are just so cute.

  5. So glad you had a great Mother's Day weekend! That girls' night sounds so fun! And I'm jealous of your 9:00 a.m. sleep in! That sounds heavenly! :)
    Also, those little underwear. So sweet! I've been toying with the idea of potty training mine. He's showing signs of being ready, but I'm so scared to start and then realize he's not ready. I'm just gonna wait it out a few more weeks and try when he's closer to two. I'm so tired of diapers too!
    Praying for you and that 3rd baby! Yay for more babies! ;)

  6. Boo for potty training...better luck next time I guess! I love that you taught Jed pirate terms. That's hilarious. When he helps on Dad's boat he'll know the lingual! And I definitely agree with Bron. The fact that you are thinking so much about having a third means you're ready. And don't stress, I forgot for the first six weeks why I wanted another baby, but now I remember :) He's so perfect and beautiful. I love him so much my heart hurts! Spread the love! Make a baby haha! The world needs to be graced by another cute Nelson.

  7. I am finally getting caught up on all my blogs and missed a lot from you! So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day! The picture of you and the boys was stunning! I haven't even tried potty training Charli yet, we got her a potty a few months ago and she will sit on it fully clothed or with a diaper and say bye bye pee pee or bye bye poo poo... But you try to take the diaper off and she screams... She's not ready and I am ok with that!

  8. I'm so crazy about those boys! (And I echo what Traci said above - I've been behind on blog reading lately and realized how much I missed catching up with your life and those cuties! Also... I'm totally stealing your idea to do a currently post - I feel so out of touch lately!)

    I love your thoughts on adding a third baby to the mix. I literally just told Micah last night that I want another one, and his face went white as a sheet! Ha! I don't actually want to have another one RIGHT NOW, but I definitely feel you on that longing for the newborn phase. It's so much sweeter than I ever imagined it would be. But you're right... so much more difficult, too!

  9. What beautiful boys! And you'll be great as a mom of three :) Glad to be here from Currently :)

  10. Hi Jessie! Thought I would tag you back from stopping over at my little web corner....and might I say YOU have a cute family! I mean that first picture....boys in suspenders, does it get any better?!! I cannot wait for Charlie to be a bit bigger to pull off suspenders! eeekkk!

  11. Hi Jessie! Happy belated Mother's Day! I hear you loud and clear about the potty training. All my efforts were futile until Lewie was ready. It sounds like you had a wonderful girls' night out, and oh my gosh, you will make the best mom of three ever! If anyone can do it, you can! You're such a fun, happy mom! I still debate whether we'll ever have a second. My main worry is about being an old, tired mom. (I'm 39 this year.) Anyways, luckily we can leave it in God's hands! :)

  12. Jessie, this post was awesome. Your pictures are GORGEOUS (the Mother's Day one is the best, obviously), your boys are sooo adorable, and the potty training bit had me laughing (I know you're not laughing). But, I've BEEN there. I hear you. Potty training is hard.

    One of my friends told me if they really seem NOT ready at all, to wait a couple of months and you'll see a big different. I waited two months after attempting the first time, and the second time, my daughter was READY. That's all it took! A couple of months, renewed patience, and we were ready. Maybe that's all he needs :) Fingers crossed.

    I'm so glad you linked up with us. You are a beautiful mama. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  13. Ok that picture of you and your boys.. you are such a gorgeous mamma. Seriously! What lucky boys to get you as their mom!


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