Joe + Karmen: My Favorite Wedding Pictures

Nearly a month later, I finally have my brother's wedding pictures edited.  Woohoo!  I wish I could relive that wonderful busy weekend over and over again.  I had so much fun--letting my hair down and sticking my toes in the ocean.  California will always be home for this girl.  Looking over these pictures, I can't help missing my family!  I'm happy for my brother who found his best friend and life-long companion in this beautiful Hungarian woman named Karmen.  She is sweet and outgoing and seems to be well matched for Joe's personality.  It is so obvious they are in love.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for them!  Thanks for sharing your special day with me.  I love you both and can't wait to see you again.

So without further ado, a peek at my favorite pictures from the day.  (Also, anyone have any idea why blogger sometimes uploads photos darker than they actually are?  It's driving me crazy!)

^^The lovebirds just minutes before they were married by the Justice of the Peace in Laguna Hills^^
^^The wedding party of family and close friends (Photo credit goes to my Aunt Mari)^^
 ^^The boys.  Karmen's brother Mark, The Groom, and friend Shawn (who was stationed in Italy with Joe and knew Karmen's family from childhood)^^ 
^^My dad, Liz, Dylan, Brandon, and Mia^^
^^Happy hugs all around^^
^^One of my personal favorites taken at Laguna Beach^^
^^Gorgeous bride!^^
^^Happy candid shots are the best, aren't they?^^
 ^^Karmen's beautiful mother, family friend Shawn (whom actually hooked the bride and groom up!), and Karmen's brother Mark^^
^^We ate (delicious Hungarian food) and celebrated and socialized at a beautiful home in Palos Verdes^^
 ^^Ladies in red!^^
^^Shawn and Joe being goofs.  I. Can't. Stop. Laughing.^^ 
^^The sunset over the ocean that night.  Breathtaking.^^
^^I love this shot of my brother and grandma together.  It pulls at my heart-strings.^^
^^Mom and Joe^^
^^My brother and me.  Yes, it was a bit chilly, so he lent me his coat.  What a gentleman, ya?^^
That's all folks!


  1. Beautiful! I am sure they are so grateful that you captured these special moments.

  2. Great pictures. I hear you on blogger. It drives me crazy too. I really don't get it, other than sometimes if I change the file format it helps. Instead of jpg if I use png the colors come out better. Sometimes nothing works. Sometimes the images look just how they should. I don't know. But I think your pictures look great. They don't look too dark on my monitor.

  3. Oooh! Your brother's wedding looks absolutely wonderful! His wife looks amazing on that dress. The venue and the setting are unconventional, but are very romantic at the same time. My favorites would have to be the beach pictures, of course. They capture the love between the two newlyweds so perfectly. Kudos to your brother and his wife for the successful ceremony and planning! I hope and wish that their love and happiness last for eternity.

    Matt Fisher @ Nomad Events


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