Why Bron and I Go On Awesome Mountain Biking Dates

Are you sick and tired of seeing pictures every weekend from these grand bike riding adventures Bron and I go on together?  I know I'm not!  These bike riding dates have become one of the highlights of my week.  We're lucky enough to have a regular babysitter whom I like and trust so I'm able to just let go and enjoy the moment.

Mountain biking is an adrenaline rush!  It's also exercise.  My legs burn, I breathe hard, and I may even sweat a little.  *Wink*  Plus, the views are sometimes pretty spectacular!  It's kind of an incredible thing to zone in on a trail no more than twelve inches wide to conquer technical aspects like maneuvering between two rocks and gearing down for a steep hill.  Bron will always be a better rider than me (After all, it's his main hobby and he rode twenty miles that morning too!), but I can tell I'm getting faster and more comfortable with the sport because last night I took a couple of spills.  But no matter, it's just a little flesh wound, right?  We had sooo much fun with our friends, Nick and Amy!  I am more than happy to share in my husband's passion for biking.  It's already quickly becoming one of my own.  Not to mention, we're making priceless memories!

A few months after Levi was born, Bron and I decided that we wanted needed to go on regular dates together.  After all, we aren't students anymore; we can afford a babysitter if we want one.  It was rough at first for me to leave my extremely attached baby for a few hours, but I began noticing how much better I felt!  I finally had a break from my demanding 24/7 job.  (Caring for two little ones and a home is no cake walk!)  I felt refreshed and ready to tackle a new week.  Also, without any time for "just the two of us" our relationship was becoming strained.  Regular date nights have helped tremendously.  It's a time we finally get to talk and be heard without interruptions or distractions.  On a date, Bron and I get to hold hands, have some fun, eat delicious food, and even go grocery shopping without two pint sized time bombs in the basket.  It's the little things.  I really do love my man and he loves me.  We want a happy marriage.  When we are good, everything else is good.  I don't know exactly how or why that works, all I know is that it does.

So if you're wondering what we're doing on any regular weekend this summer, you can safely assume that we're outside biking for at least part of it.  After all, it's a cheap date!  We come away with an adrenaline rush whilst totally earning that greasy burger and fries.  Then we head home to a quiet house to shower and relax.  It is hands-down the best!

Just one more reason to love summer... and that man whom I've pledged my whole heart and soul.


  1. how fun! My hubby and I bought bikes a while back and are excited to start becoming more active! You're right, it's fun and a cheap date - I'll take it! lol

  2. I love this! Now that we've taken the plunge and left Evelyn with a babysitter, I want to make date night a more regular thing. We were looking up runs near where we'll be living in Pennsylvania, and I think we might sign up to do an adventure run together. I haven't run in a race since high school, but I'm looking forward to racing with my man! I'd like to get into biking too. I don't remember the last time I was on a bike (other than a stationary one!).

  3. I love that you go on bike dates!! Lately my husband and I just go to a restaurant or to the movies. We need to get active again!! You are my inspiration Jessie. You can keep posting pictures of your wild bike adventures--I won't ever get bored :)

  4. Your mountain bike dates look awesome. My husband and I were avid kayakers before having children but due to the Army moving us to non-kayak friendly places, we haven't been able to sneak away as often as we'd like to...someday!


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